Customer case
Customer case

9th June 2020

In this case study we take a look at the how Kinduct's EMR tools are used by Mark Packwood and the Windsor Spitfires.


The Problem

As Head Trainer/ Physiotherapist (and Strength and Conditioning Coach) of the Windsor Spitfires, Mark Packwood needed an Athlete Management System with EMR capabilities that could support his medical team’s responsibilities.


By choosing Kinduct’s EMR, Mark can grant different access to different members of his medical staff to ensure they have access to the exact information their roles require while keeping certain information private. He and his team can also access the Kinduct platform remotely, no matter if they’re at the clinic, home, or the hospital.

Through Kinduct, Mark can log the treatments and descriptions of injuries, on both an individual and multi-athlete level. By digitizing and automating these processes, Mark saves time on these day-to-day tasks.

Kinduct’s EMR features also allow Mark to track practices or games lost to injury per region of the body to help build patterns on an individual, team, or time-based level.

Marks says, “Pattern recognition is essentially the main goal from all the data collected and how this can be used to focus on strength and conditioning, life changes, or a general outlook toward how the players treat their bodies on their own time…In general it helps push against the norm of how hockey seasons and practice schedules have typically been formulated and suggests that maybe there is a better approach.”

Other Benefits

Overall, Kinduct has enhanced communication between Mark, coaches, and the team’s GM as the system provides a real-time updated player status dashboard (labelled in green, yellow, and red) of Windsor’s roster.

Mark also adds small notes on the player profiles for his coaching staff to give them a detailed synopsis as to what a player’s issue may be and a timeline for return. Coaches can also be granted their own log-in and receive an update when Mark is preoccupied.


“From an EMR standpoint, Kinduct is extremely user friendly, and I feel the Kinduct team worked hard to build a platform that was tailored to my individual needs.”

– Mark Packwood, Head Trainer/Physiotherapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL.


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