VFX & cinemtaic production

Record top-quality motion capture data

More Realism, more possibilities
No limits

Capture clean full-body motion in any environment, inside or out.

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CG characters, no clean-up

Use raw data to create lifelike, hyperrealistic CG animations.

Highest standard in GNSS-INS
Efficient pipeline

Seamlessly integrate with Unreal Engine, Unity Maya, Motionbuilder, Houdini and many more – with our plugins.


Giving you cost-effective CG solutions

How? By enabling you to record top-quality motion capture data in the most efficient way – without the need for an optical camera set-up.


From raw to real – fast

Whether you’re bringing a single robot character to life or capturing thousands in a battle scene with a wide shot, VFX artists can quickly turn raw recordings into super-realistic CG animations. What’s more, you can see recordings on screen in real time.


Productions powered
by Xsens

Discover the many famous movies and series that have relied on our motion capture solutions. How many have you seen?

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Mocap to go

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a big-budget summer blockbuster or a small independent film, MVN Animate bundles enable producers to capture motion on the go.


Easy integrations

Live stream or export your motion capture data seamlessly into your 3D software packages, such as Unity, Unreal, Autodesk. Xsens software can export in standardized formats, such as FBX, BVH, C3D, and MVNX. Additionally, we have plugins available for finger tracking gloves, face capture, positional aiding, and many more! 

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VFX & cinemtaic production

Partner testimonials


"Thanks to the simplicity of the Xsens motion capture suits and set-up we could easily capture the fight choreography, get into our rigs, and then start working with cameras in Maya to deliver an early cut."


Scott Meadows

Head of Visualization and Virtual Production at Digital Domain


"My team of animators and I have taken the Xsens motion capture system home. We’ve had to do a lot of mocap in our living room, and the on-body recording also allows us to capture performance in the other parts of the house, like the hallways and stairs, when we need to record climbing or running.”


Han Yang

CG Supervisor at Method Studios


"…You definitely need a system which is not only robust and dependable but something that is also quite portable and mobile. Whether it’s running three concurrent characters, delivering dramatic dialogue for a video game cutscene, or high-dynamic stunts in fight scenes – on-set or on-location – we’ve done it all.”


Dave Fialla

Director and Co-founder of The Mocap Studio


"One thing that I’m really proud of is that we completed around 400 shots within just 6 months with a small team, but we didn’t have to do any kind of overtime – not a single minute! Using this motion capture is definitely one of the reasons why we were able to give the artists part of their lives back.”


Claudius Urban

Character and Creature Animator at Trixter

Incorporate your surroundings

Natural features of an environment – such as trees, buildings, hills and valleys – can become part of your visual production. Users wearing an Xsens motion capture suit can interact with their surroundings in ways they never could before. Both small and large VFX studios can record how an actor interacts with real locations, from their head to their toes.

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Big productions in little time

With clean full-body motion capture and data, you can achieve accurate results in just one take, saving you hours of time and freeing you up to concentrate on other parts of your production.

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Product bundles

Best bundles for VFX & Cinematic video production

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MVN Awinda Starter + MVN Processing

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Bundle features
Suitable for all types of motions
More affordable - with Xsens quality
Quick setup with easy and fast sensor placement
Clean data and full magnetic immunity
1 actor supported
High fidelity finger tracking
HD reprocessing via cloud
Export formats in cloud: MVNX (position/orientation), FBX, BVH
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