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A deep dive into motion capture in workplace ergonomics

Creating a safe and comfortable work environment is crucial for both employees' health and the overall success of organizations. That's why we are excited to present our webinar on "Utilizing Motion Capture Technology in Workplace Ergonomics."


By using the power of motion capture, organizations can revolutionize their approach to workplace ergonomics. It enables you to make assessments and quick analyses based on objective movement data. Ultimately leading to increased productivity, reduced injuries, and enhanced employee satisfaction.


Our speaker, Jordi Koggel, dives into the benefits and applications of motion capture in assessing and optimizing ergonomic conditions. Topics include:


  • Human motion measurement in the workplace environment

  • Xsens hardware's unique capabilities in human motion analysis that allow you to get field data in complex and even highly-magnetic environments

  • Setting up the hardware, including sensor attachment and calibration

  • Real-life user cases showcasing workers in a production factory

  • Live Q&A session with our sales specialist


Whether you are a health professional, an HR manager, H&S manager, ergonomist, a safety officer, or anyone interested in advancing workplace ergonomics, this webinar offers valuable insights and use cases. Join us!


Presented by Jordi Koggel, Account Executive Health & Sports

5 September 2023 | 04:00pm CET

The speakers

Jordi Koggel

Jordi Koggel

Account Executive Health & Sports

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