Movella integrated capabilities

From fowl to fur and hooves to horns, Movella has the products and experience you can count on, including:


  • 30 years of combined experience in designing hardware and software in IoMT (Internet of Moving Things)

  • Design and manufacture of sensor modules

  • Design and implementation of highly accurate algorithms for specific animals

  • Real-time analytics and big data management using AI

Intelligent animal monitoring


Animal electronic ID & Location services
Activity tracking
  • Resting (lying, minimal movement)​

  • Walking and standing

  • Feeding (eating, drinking)

Health monitor-1
Health monitoring
  • Early disease detection to reduce mortality

  • Lameness detection

  • 24/7 animal reference temperature monitoring

Fertility & breeding
  • Accurate estrus detection

  • Reducing cost related to missed heat cycles

  • Preventing culling due to missed heat cycles

SMS1000, System
EV31100, Evaluation Kit