Putting data to work

From behind the wheel to behind a desk, ergonomic thinking is vital to ensuring workers can do their jobs safely and comfortably with minimal physical wear and tear. And the only way to do that is to analyze the biomechanics of work processes, and use that data to design better workstations.

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Collecting data can be a challenge

How do you collect data in everyday work conditions which are not set up for data capture? Ergonomists and engineers look to access field data in complex environments rather than in the laboratory, in order to have more accurate, real-life insights to work with.

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An Xsens inertial motion capture system can pick up and record every aspect of full-body movements, right down to the smallest detail without any black spots, for the most reliable results. And best of all, Xsens motion capture systems are portable, and enable you to record the data anywhere – even inside a building with a metal structure and a lot of machinery. That environment can be a challenge to magnetic data collection, but Xsens motion capture systems are magnetically immune, which means the data is reliable.

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Movella offers a range of motion capture solutions, from ready-to-use motion systems, empowered with specialized, standardized ergonomics reports, to wearable sensor platforms, for building customized workplace ergonomics solutions. Find the one that best suits your needs.

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Investigating the extreme neck movements of straddle truck operators

APM Terminals Rotterdam wanted to know if potential upper-body movement restriction due to the use of a safety belt could lead to an increased physical strain on the cervical spine.

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Optimizing production process to increase efficiency and reduce workload

When ergonomic experts ViveLab were commissioned by Secret Hungary Ltd. to conduct a survey at their production line, the results had a far-reaching impact.

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