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Conduct detailed ergonomic analyses with high-quality, objective and validated motion data

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Measure and analyze anytime, in the most challenging work environments 

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Quick and easy setup, allowing for efficient measurement and export to third-party software

Welder wearing Xsens Awinda

A Growing Need for Efficient and Accurate Ergonomic Analysis

In industries such as automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and construction, a substantial portion of assembly and production tasks continues to be manual. This has resulted in a global surge in musculoskeletal disorders, affecting an estimated 1.71 billion people. European legislation and international standards now require companies to analyze ergonomic risks. There is growing need for tools that are efficient, accurate, and user-friendly to streamline workplace ergonomics assessments, addressing the urgent need to safeguard the well-being of workers.


Xsens Ergo: Unlock the Future of Ergonomic Assessment

Traditional methods of ergonomic assessment are time-consuming, subjective, and often tedious. Xsens Ergo Solutions streamlines workplace ergonomics research, optimizing costs and efficiency. Capture live motion data, minimize resources, and generate rapid, reliable reports to create workspaces of the future.


  • Protect employee health: Proactively identify risks, prevent musculoskeletal disorders, and prioritize employee well-being.

  • Boost productivity: Optimize workstations based on real-time motion capture data, maximizing employee comfort and performance.

  • Make data-driven decisions: Continuously improve work environments with objective insights, ensuring lasting ergonomic improvements.

BMW worker wearing Awinda
Toyota workplace ergonomics analysis screenshot
Rotterdam port worker wearing Awinda

Revolutionizing Workplace Ergonomics at BMW Group

The BMW Group is revolutionizing workplace ergonomics by using Xsens technology to evaluate the physical strain on production workers.

Boosting Employee Safety at Toyota Motors Europe

Toyota Motors Europe's JT/SJT system incorporates Xsens motion tracking technology to monitor the physical health of its staff and maintain a safe, efficient workplace. 

Investigating the extreme neck movements of straddle truck operators

APM Terminals Rotterdam wanted to know if potential upper-body movement restriction due to the use of a safety belt could lead to an increased physical strain on the cervical spine.

Xsens Ergo Solutions for Different Needs

Xsens offers three cutting-edge hardware and software solutions designed to meet your diverse ergonomic analysis requirements. Our offerings range from rapid and standardized reporting solutions to real-time live analysis and personalized assessments.
Awinda ergonomics
Xsens Ergo
Simplify ergonomic assessment with cloud-based reporting for standardized ergonomic analysis. 
Scalefit analysis screenshot
Xsens Ergo Live
Live motion analysis, intuitive reporting in Excel, and daily load calculations based on scientific research.
BMW facility worker wearing Xsens Awinda
Xsens Ergo Expert
Customized ergonomic insights with streaming, exporting, and integration. Ideal for ergonomists seeking flexibility.

Seamless Integrations with 3rd party software

Live Stream or export your motion capture data seamlessly into your ergonomics software, such as Siemens PLM, Anybody, Scalefit, and more.
Dassault systems

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