Unleash the Power of Motion Capture

Discover the future of workplace ergonomics analysis with motion capture technology. By precisely capturing and analyzing human movement in real-life work conditions, Movella's Xsens Motion Capture Solution unlocks invaluable insights to optimize workplace efficiency, safety, and well-being.

Easy, Accurate, Reliable – Capture Every Detail of Human Movement

icon_flex Easy to Use, Anywhere

Intuitive interface, effortless setup, and minimal calibration. Capture lab quality data in real-life conditions.

icon_data Accurate Data

Benefit from full magnetic immunity and advanced biomechanical algorithms for precise motion analysis in any environment.

icon_star Reliable Insights

Validated, peer-reviewed data and seamless integration with leading ergonomics software guarantee the highest quality in ergonomic analysis.

Boosting Employee Safety at Toyota Motors Europe

Toyota Motors Europe's JT/SJT system incorporates Xsens motion tracking technology to monitor the physical health of its staff and maintain a safe, efficient workplace. The data captured by MVN Analyze provides an accurate understanding of workers' posture during the build cycle. It is then used for posture awareness training and to implement design changes on processes and vehicles.

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Revolutionizing Workplace Ergonomics at BMW Group

The BMW Group is revolutionizing workplace ergonomics by using Xsens technology to evaluate the physical strain on production workers.

Overexertion in the automotive industry has been a costly problem, prompting the development of the Safety & Ergonomic Risk Assessment (SERA) tool. However, traditional assessments are time-consuming and subjective. To overcome these challenges, BMW Group has partnered with Movella.

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Seamless Integrations with 3rd party software

Live Stream or export your motion capture data seamlessly into your ergonomics software, such as Siemens PLM, Anybody, Scalefit, and more.
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Investigating the extreme neck movements of straddle truck operators

APM Terminals Rotterdam wanted to know if potential upper-body movement restriction due to the use of a safety belt could lead to an increased physical strain on the cervical spine.

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Optimizing production process to increase efficiency and reduce workload

When ergonomic experts ViveLab were commissioned by Secret Hungary Ltd. to conduct a survey at their production line, the results had a far-reaching impact.

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A deep dive into motion capture in workplace ergonomics

Our product specialist went over the following topics in the webinar:

  • Human motion measurement in the workplace environment

  • Xsens hardware's unique capabilities in human motion analysis that allow you to get field data in complex and even highly-magnetic environments

  • Setting up the hardware, including sensor attachment and calibration

  • Real-life user cases showcasing workers in a production factory

  • Live Q&A session with our sales specialist

Recommended Xsens Motion Capture Products for Workplace Ergonomics

The Perfect Pairing
MVN Awinda yellow background MVN Analyze Awinda - Ergonomics car MVN Analyze - walking awinda factory3-edited


  • Xsens MVN Awinda ?


  • Xsens MVN Analyze Pro ?
  • Quick setup and easy to use
  • Mocap everywhere with magnetic immunity
  • Objective and high-quality data
  • Provides reliable insights
  • Easy to integrate with 3rd party software
  • Recording range of up to 50 m

Xsens MVN Analyze Pro
Xsens MVN Analyze Pro is a specialized software designed to analyze full-body kinematics, so you can get more out of your data. It features a scalable biomechanical model and supports up to four hardware set-ups and multiple calibration routines.
Xsens MVN Awinda
Xsens MVN Awinda is a motion capture system with 17 wireless sensors fitted on the body with adjustable straps. It supports fast, easy, and reliable motion capture, making it ideal for regular motions and multiple people using the same setup. With a range of up to 50 m, it is perfect for applications such as workplace ergonomics, biomechanical science and human factor research. Plus, it can be worn over clothing.