Perform anywhere Easy to use, anywhere

Use Xsens Motion capture solutions everywhere and get lab-quality data in the field. The system is easily set up, calibrated, and modified, while its intuitive interface and real-time visualization features help you to focus on what is important in your work or research.

Calibrated data Accurate data

Experience the benefits of full magnetic immunity in all conditions. Our proven biomechanical model and sensor fusion algorithms ensure the highest quality motion analysis even in the most challenging magnetically disturbed environments.

More Realism, more possibilities Reliable data

Xsens Motion capture solutions offer validated, peer-reviewed data and features integrations with all market leading software packages, offering you the highest quality in motion capture and analysis


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Bringing meaning to movement

Advanced technologies such as motion capture are integral to research and development in universities, research institutes, and large companies. 

Motion capture (also known as mo-cap or mocap) is the process of digitally recording human movement, or biomechanics. As well as research, its used in everything from entertainment and education to sports and workplace ergonomics. 



Real-time human motion capture

Our motion capture system provides accurate, real-time human motion capture for full 3D motion analysis.  It captures the full range of motion, from the smallest twitches to dynamic movements. Proven in biomechanical settings, the model and sensor fusion algorithm delivers dependable and repeatable results. It can also be used anywhere, with a quick set-up, offering stability and accuracy whenever and wherever you need it. 


Xsens full-body products are recommended for research and education. For students, they provide the necessary real-life experience for a career in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Meanwhile, the Movella DOT wearable sensor development platform is a good option if you want to develop your own specific application.


The Gold Standard


The Gold Standard: How Hokusho University used Xsens to help Ryōyū Kobayashi win Olympic gold

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How AnDy uses Xsens to produce anticipatory analysis

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Research and education


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Biomechanical research

Understand the science of human movement. Explore how the muscular, joint, and skeletal actions work together to produce movement, when performing a task, skill, or technique.

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Sports science

Investigate how human motion works and how activities and sports influence the health and performance of the body. Then apply these motion mechanics to improve athletic performance.

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Human factors research

Study the abilities and limitations of the human body, and how it impacts interaction with products, systems and the environment – key to improving efficiency, comfort and safety​.

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MVN Analyze: Integrations and plugins

Live stream or export your motion capture data seamlessly into your biomechanics, ergonomics, and analysis software, such as AnyBody, Visual3D, and Siemens PLM. We also provide plugins for finger tracking, EMG, positional aiding, and more.


Please visit our dedicated integrations and plugins page to learn more.

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Xsens technology in research

To further push the boundaries of 3D motion tracking and to enable the next generation of products, Movella participates as a partner in selected (typically EU funded) research projects. Learn more from our latest studies and validation papers.