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With a focus on collaboration and community, Movella has developed a vast partner network of renowned experts who not only share our vision but also enhance it. Through these partnerships, Movella is able to provide the highest level of commercial and technical support to customers around the globe.




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We’re here to make a difference: to impact the world and transform lives by measuring movement. True, we fulfill market needs. But our objectives don’t stop there. Next-level innovation is our constant goal. And we’re always looking for partners who share that drive.


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Wherever you are, you’re not far from one of our channel partners. The following is a list of channel partners that you can filter by region/country, application, product, and service offered.


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Integral solutions in the implementation of biotechnology applied to medical, sports, and industry, in specific applications


SmartCore supplies chips and modules for IoT, wireless communication, biometrics, connectivity, tracking and automation.


Techmake is a distributor of high technology solutions in Mexico.


Dymaxion is a distributor and leader in Columbia in Lidar and other high-tech solutions.

Clearpath Robotics Inc.

Clearpath Robotics is a global leader in unmanned vehicle robotics for research and development and provides hardware, software, and services to enable self-driving vehicle development, deployment, and operation.

Galore Systems

Galore Systems is dedicated to providing its customers with world-class Motion capture products and solutions. Galore Systems offers complete sales and support services with its bouquet of MoCap products for both AVGC and Sports Sciences markets.

DTDS Technology PTE LTD

DTDS is a leading and mainstream Distribution Company in the field of Electronic Components. DTDS specializes in the design and development of end solutions to support all Key Segments of the Electronics Manufacturing Arena.

BMEC Pte Ltd

BMEC Pte Ltd offer solutions that enable transformative healthcare technologies in areas such as Medical, Sport Science, Rehabilitation, Healthcare Simulation (Medical Education), Homecare and Sleep Care.

IMCA Elektronik ve Bilisim San. ve Tic. A.S.

IMCA is committed to providing the finest and most reliable products and manufacturers to its customers. The company offers a wide spectrum of products, including Industrial- and Consumer Electronics applications.

PCC POLSKA T. Jarmuszczak Sp. J.

PCC Polska is committed to providing the finest and most reliable products and manufacturers to its customers. Serving the gaming and media industry for 17 years, providing solutions and professional services in the field of 3D animation.

Trinoma SARL

Trinoma's core businesses are measurement applications of digital imaging, motion analysis and advanced IT for science and research. They supply and integrate hardware on the one hand, and provide services, technical studies, as well as custom software solutions on the other hand.


Lunitek specializes in different kinds of sensors and measuring instruments, presenting the most functional and effective products available on the market today.

Broadcast Digital Service S.R.L.

Broadcast Digital Service is a multifunctional Factory, founded in 1994 with thirty years of experience in the construction and assembly of audiovisual and commercial directories in multimedia systems, Virtual Studios, Augmented Reality Studios and Real-time VFX for Film & TV.

New Dimension Holotech Electronics Trading L.L.C.

New Dimension (ND) Trading specializes in motion capture and hologram solutions, live hologram performance and immersive experience setups, interactive projection, and projection mapping.

Sensing S.L.

Sensing is an expert in the field of electronic instrumentation. They supply all kinds of sensors, tranducers, electronics and data acquisition equipment, which can be used in any sector and industry. Sensing operates in several industry sectors, such as the automotive industry, the energy industry, and civil engineering.

Perform Better UK

Perform Better UK is the UK’s most innovative & comprehensive supplier of Performance Training, Monitoring & Rehabilitation Equipment. Perform Better offer a depth of knowledge & experience, working closely with leading Strength & Conditioning Coaches & Physiologists.

Link Nordic AS

Link Nordic have a large product portfolio of semi-conductors, displays, display touch sensors, embedded systems, and also industrial cable systems, frequency control, Inductive, LED's, mechanical, optical, passive and sound.


Link Gulf with over 20 years experience in Middle East and Northern Africa, has been a major turn key service provider to various industries. Their range of products include educational, laboratory, test & measurement equipment, as well as R&D and industrial products. As partners of world leading OEMs, Link Gulf has completed high profile projects in the region.

Motion Technologies, Inc.

Since 1999, Motion Technologies have been developing content creation technology and solutions based on motion capture that result in world-class content and services. Combining their in-house production facilities and technical specialists, Motion Technologies provides end-to-end support for international companies, universities, private & public institutions, and emerging enterprises within the Film & TV, Animation, Digital Human creation, Gaming & VR gaming, and Biomechanical Research markets.

Sungwha Tech

SungWha Tech provides reliable products in the fields of precision Time & Frequency, RF Amplifier, IMU/AHRS, and so on.


Since the establishment in 1947 as an engineering trading company that mainly deals in machinery, Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, Ltd. has strived to provide advanced technologies and products in response to the needs within Japan and abroad. In their industrial systems division, they provide sensing technologies solution to their customers. KBK’s long track record and expert knowledge regarding sensing technologies in every industry are currently being utilized in the aviation and aeronautics, automotive, and electronics industries, as well as the environmental and disaster management fields.

SACA Europe B.V.

SACA Europe B.V. was incorporated in Eindhoven the Netherlands in Nov 2018. The founders have more than 30 years of experience in the Electronic Components Distribution market. The company offers a wide spectrum of products made by European and American manufacturers tailored for vairous markets segments incl. Industrial markets like Marine, Transportation and Telecommunications.

Gusto Group (PTY) Ltd

Gusto Group is a full-scale media production studio. They handle all creative production pipelines from script to screen. Their services include Film Production, Visual Effects, 3D Animation, and full-body Motion Capture.

SE Spezial-Electronic GmbH

SE Spezial-Electronic supplies technically complex products for many different technologies & applications and counts on nine different Product Management Teams for Timing, Semiconductors, Passives, EMECHs, Sensors, Power, Displays, Memory, and Wireless.


Cadden is specialised and recognised in the supply of electronic precision measurement sensors for applications related to positioning, orientation and navigation. Cadden offers a complete solution to its customers: sensors and systems, combined to services for any Geosciences application.

Render Motion S.L.U.

Render Motion is a motion capture solution partner and provides sales, services, training & support. Render Motion can provide Xsens 3D Character Animation solutions in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

InZert 3D BV

As a full service 3D agency, InZert 3D is fully committed to 3D innovations such as photo-realistic 3D scans, 3D holograms and interactive 3D apps and visualisations.


Biomech works with world-leading technological solutions that allow accurate and reliable biomechanical analysis in real time and in any environment.


Sense4Motion, part of IMCA, is committed to providing its customers with the best and most reliable products from the leading manufacturers. The company offers a wide range of products for various industries.

JSC Abili

 Created in August 2012, JSC “Abili” activities are based on variety of biomechanical solutions, equipment creating and testing.

TSO Medical

Specialist in offering services for Sports Science, Performance and Research.

PHU Technomex

PHU Technomex is present on the polish market of manufacturers and suppliers of rehabilitation equipment since 1987. Supplier of equipment to hospitals, rehabiliation centers, private therapeutic facilities and many other places. A leading manufacturer of hydrotherapy and kinesiotherapy equipment, and also an exclusive distributor of many well-known foreign companies that manufacture diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment.


Tracklab is dedicated to providing mocap technologies and solutions, including product sales, services, training & support. Grown from a VR background, the company has well over 15 years of experience in tracking. The solutions they provide are affordable, scalable, powerful, flexible, reliable, and customized to suit clients' specific needs.


SmartaSport is a sports performance systems organisation with headquarters in Queensland, Australia. They offer a range of services including testing , S&C coaching, exercise physiology and sports technology for coaches and athlete performance monitoring.

Midas Touch

Since 1984, they established digital health department in 2017. They focus on providing universities and public institutions with solutions to detect human movement to promote health, recovery and sports.

PLM IndishTech Pvt. Ltd.

PLM IndishTech Pvt Ltd. expertise lies in understanding of overall solution positioning and functioning & the Development of Digital Twin of existing manufacturing facilities.

HSEF s.r.o.

HSEF s.r.o. is technological, scientific and engineering company with more than 12 years experience in fields as Human behaviour and motion, Human Safety and Ergonomics, BioFeedback, Biomechanic, Rehabilitation, Neuroscience, Sports, Peak Performance, Virtual Reality and other High-tech technologies.  HSEF provides to their industrial, governmental, science and university customers in The Czech and Slovak Republic sales and after sales services, consultancy, scientific and research support and training services.

Doo Ree System Co.,Ltd.

Doo Ree System Technology started in 1994 and has been importing and supplying state-of-the-art equipment from the United States, the Netherlands, and Canada for about 30 years. Currently, we supply about 20 kinds of equipment with a high global share to South Korea. Doo Ree Systems Technology Laboratory has built a variety of systems tailored to global research trends for behavior analysis and is working with schools and institutions on various related projects. The ultimate goal of Doo Ree System Technology is to provide accurate, rapid response and analysis of customer demand behavior.


GPEM deals with sales, installation, training and development in the field of human movement measurement. The strong points of the company are the quality of the products in the catalog, which are leader in their own market segment, and the deep and proven technical expertise in each sector of specialization. The combination of these two characteristics makes GPEM the ideal partner for planning, installation and procurement for your high performance motion analysis laboratory.

Prophysics AG

Prophysics AG is an expert in motion capture and has a broad knowledge of sports science, biomechanics, and engineering. The company works with research groups to optimize systems and integrate new technologies.

Braemac Pty. Ltd.

Braemac is a leading distributor of Electronic Components in Australia and New Zealand.

Aqtronics Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Aqtronics is an Electronics components distributor HQ in Bangalore, India, focusing on the IOT & Startup Eco system in India

NBT NewBioTechnology Ltd.

NBT’s vision in the past 32 years has been to support the scientific and medical market requirements with the finest research equipment. The company has established a solid reputation among hundreds of customers in Israel, with the optimal mix of best products and outstanding service.

Mouser Electronics Inc.

Mouser Electronics is a global authorised Movella distributor, specialized in the rapid introduction of the newest products and technologies targeting the design engineer and buyer communities.

RS Components

RS Components is an omni-channel provider of products and services for designers, builders and maintainers of industrial equipment and operations, serving over 1 million customers in more than 80 countries. The company distributes over 600,000 products, including electronic components, electrical, automation, control, test and measurement equipment, and engineering tools and consumables, sourced from 2,500 suppliers.

M-Line Studio

Founded in 2005, M-Line Studio Co. Ltd. has been producing the best results in all media business fields such as Animation, 3D Stereoscopic, and motion capture under the banner of ‘Total Visual Communication’ group.


Our core business is implementing on Romania market the innovative solutions and technologies for optimizing training and recovery after effort through EVALUATION – TESTING – MEASUREMENT - ANALYSIS – DIAGNOSIS of performance parameters in professional and amateur sports, healthcare. Our covered areas: research and sports science, medical-sports evaluation and fitness testing, professional training, fitness solutions, recovery, physiotherapy, motor skills, human movement, biomechanics, laboratory testing in performance and amateur sports, ergonomics and digital solution.