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What is Xsens Processing?

Greater productivity with less complexity. Simply put, Xsens Processing is the new way to create motion capture media from a secure cloud-based platform. The MotionCloud platform offers you the functionality of pro versions of Xsens Animate software, without the need for additional licensing. Work in teams via the cloud and process files without burdening local processing power.

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MotionCloud is awesome because we can access the Xsens data anywhere in the world and we don’t need to spend hours processing data – we get to see things in real time, which is key.”

HaZ Dulull

Director of HaZ Film

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Why Xsens Processing?

Xsens Processing features proprietary Xsens algorithms that improve and clean up the data that is pushed to the cloud. This process is called HD reprocessing in our desktop software and is now available for only $295 per month. 


Xsens Processing gives you the power of HD reprocessing without compromising local processing power and without having to pay for the Pro license.


Easy access to your data – wherever   

MVN Processing gives creators the flexibility to access their data, fine-tune their outputs, and increase their efficiency. You can capture your motion tracking data from wherever you are and share it with your team in real time – wherever they are! 


Productions powered
by Xsens

Movella’s Xsens solutions have powered many famous movies and series. Take a look at these high-profile productions here. How many have you seen?
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Xsens Processing integration

With Xsens Processing, you can record, upload, and export files into FBX, BVH, or MVNX formats. Having this system in place enables you to be creative with your data, uploading it in your preferred format.


Now, motion capture data can be HD Reprocessed, exported, and stored in the cloud – providing users of Xsens MotionCloud with complete control and flexibility over how they use the data.

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Creativity unleashed

Xsens Processing in the Xsens MotionCloud provides the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Actors, directors, and animators can work together from wherever they may be. You can reprocess multiple batch files and upload/organize data quickly and efficiently with no wasted PC processing time. Minimal “clean-up” time delivers unique time and cost benefits.

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Increase your productivity with reduced complexity

Xsens Processing is available in our secure Xsens MotionCloud.


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