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As a pioneer and global leader in motion tracking solutions, we provide best-in-class systems for navigating, controlling and detecting movement in complex industrial settings. From autonomous vehicles and drones to indoor and underwater robotics, our range of systems, combined with our knowledge and dedication to customer service, create the ideal ecosystem needed for you to take on all your challenges and develop new solutions.

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Dependable quality, real value

Robust 3D (ego)motion data, even under difficult (magnetic) conditions. Over 10 years of continuous improvements in sensor fusion algorithms, software, and component selection. Add to this, in-house testing, factory calibration to numerous standards, temperature bias-calibration to industrial standards, and sturdy construction to withstand extreme conditions. So, our modules have a lot to offer without asking a lot in return. These cost-effective modules range from basic inertial measurement units (IMUs) – often used as building blocks because of their versatility – to advanced real-time kinematic (RTK) GNSS-enabled solutions, providing positioning data of unmatched precision. 


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Plug and play configurability

What’s the point of making a great product if you don’t make it user friendly? Our products are highly configurable with all the data outputs and synchronization options you need to integrate them in your unique system architecture. With the widest portfolio of plug and play modules on today’s market, featuring three different form factors with eight interface options, you can confidently build on your own needs and specs. Save time and money while enjoying maximum creative freedom. 


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Sensor modules


Inertial measurement unit (IMU)

An inertial measurement unit (IMU) is a self-contained system that provides raw, calibrated sensor linear and angular motion data with a triad of gyroscopes and a triad of accelerometers. IMUs are often used as building blocks in more complex systems.

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Vertical reference unit (VRU)

A vertical reference unit (VRU) measures roll, pitch, and (unreferenced) yaw. Its sensor-fused data level is used for dynamic positioning in a variety of contexts. VRUs are the perfect solution for locations with high magnetic interference, as they do not rely on magnetic referencing.

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Attitude and heading reference system (AHRS)

An attitude and heading reference system, or AHRS, provides 3D orientation by integrating gyroscopes and fusing this data with accelerometer and magnetometer data. The yaw output is referenced to true north and the result is a drift-free orientation.

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Real-time kinematic positioning (RTK GNSS/INS)

Real-time kinematic (RTK) positioning is a satellite navigation technology used to increase the precision of position data obtained from satellite positioning systems. 

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Sensor Modules


Autonomous vehicles

In travel and transport, autonomous vehicles are on the rise. The range of possibilities in this field is extensive. So is the list of tech requirements needed. Our MTi products can be used in any of these areas. 

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Surface and underwater robotics

Reliability and precision are of the utmost importance in this field. The robust hardware and software, along with the anti-magnetic distortion filters of the MTi series, make them a highly suitable, stable platform for motion technology applications at sea and in seaports.

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Unmanned aircraft and drones

Aerospace and drone applications require ever-increasing accuracy and precision. Whether you need low-power consumption, low-latency, high-speed processing, or a lightweight and small motion tracking sensor, you’ll find a fit for any aviation, air, or space application.

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Indoor mobile robots

Indoor mobile robots are getting smarter all the time, thanks to collaborative robotics, autonomous vehicles, sensor technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Our MTi solutions meet all the specific demands of this application. 

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Custom motion tracking solution

Looking for a custom motion tracking solution? We’ve got you covered. We’ll form a team to discuss your needs and leverage our 10+ years of knowledge in MEMS-based hardware/software design to help you develop a fitting solution and produce the perfect motion tracker for you. 


Motion Tracking industrial-grade (MTi): from entry-level to highest performer 

Our MTi product series have been developed in logical succession, with the MTi 1-series offering the smallest form factor, and the MTi 100-series combining motion tracking with advanced sensor fusion and (real-time) satellite positioning.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-1 IMU

The MTi-1 is a self-contained Inertial Measurement Unit.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-2 VRU

The MTi-2 is a self-contained VRU featuring sensors that provide calibrated data on the rate of turn, the acceleration, and the magnetic field – all in 3D.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-3 AHRS

The MTi-3 Inertial Measurement Unit is a self-contained AHRS that delivers true-north-referenced yaw, or heading.

Xsens Sensor
Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-100 IMU

As one of our highest-performing IMU, the all-in-one MTi-100 provides calibrated data on the 3D rate of turn, acceleration and magnetic field.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-200 VRU

The MTi-200 is a high-performing VRU. Its sensors and sensor fusion algorithm measure roll, pitch, and (unreferenced) yaw.

Sensor Module
Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-300 AHRS

The MTi-300 is our highest-performing attitude and heading reference system. Its sensors and sensor fusion algorithm deliver data on drift-free roll, pitch and true-north-referenced yaw.

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Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-610 IMU

As one of our highest-performing IMU, the all-in-one MTi-610 provides calibrated data on the 3D rate of turn, acceleration and magnetic field.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-620 VRU

The MTi-620 features sensors and sensor fusion algorithms that measure roll, pitch, and (unreferenced) yaw.

Sensor Module
Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-630 AHRS

When it comes to the highest standard in AHRS, the MTi-630 is a cut above. Its sensors and sensor fusion algorithm deliver data on drift-free roll, pitch and true-north-referenced yaw.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-630R AHRS

The MTi-630R’s sensors and sensor fusion algorithm deliver data on drift-free roll, pitch and true-north-referenced yaw.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-670 GNSS-INS

The MTi-670 Inertial Measurement Unit meets the highest standard in GNSS/INS.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-670G GNSS-INS

The MTi-670G combines orientation data with position data supplied by an internal GNSS receiver.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-680 RTK/GNSS-INS

The MTi-680 represents the highest standard in GNSS/INS when connected to an external Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS receiver.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-680G RTK-GNSS/INS

With the MTi-680G’s added RTK feature, you can improve your positional data from meter-level to centimeter-level accuracy.


Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-7 GNSS-INS

The MTi-7 is an GNSS/INS which can synchronize the inputs from its on-board accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer with the data from an external GNSS receiver.

Xsens Sensor Modules MTi-G-710 GNSS-INS

The MTi-G-710 is an IMU and GNSS/INS with an extra SMA connector, enabling you to connect a GNSS antenna.