Highest standard in GNSS-INS
Recognized as the “Hollywood gold standard”
More Realism, more possibilities
Providing the clean data feeds creators prefer
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Enhancing live performances by legendary entertainers
Perform anywhere
Robust and reliable mocap, anywhere

Imagination doesn’t have limitations

Movella is driven to make sure the same holds true for digital artists. Right now, filmmakers, producers of virtual live shows, builders of the metaverse, and video game developers are experiencing creative freedom as never before. And Movella’s Xsens motion capture technology is playing a leading role.

Real-Time Live - Kite Lightning - Xsens
entertainment Full 3D motion capture, anywhere

It’s time to think outside the studio. With true full-magnetic immunity, Movella’s Xsens unique motion capture systems have broken down all the walls and opened up a door. Acknowledged worldwide as the industry leader, our motion capture engine provides the greatest data accuracy available.

entertainment Digitizing movement today, and tomorrow

If you can imagine it, we can help you create it. Movella is already making an impact on the world of entertainment, partnering with brands such as Electronic Arts, Netflix, NBC Universal, 20th Century Studios, and Autodesk. And our technology is ideally placed to support future innovations in the metaverse, next-gen gaming, live streaming and more.

entertainment At the heart of developments

Movella is an integral part of the ecosystem for film and game development. We’re interwoven into the fabric of professional character animation development platforms such as Unreal Engine and Unity. And our solutions will continue to enable the digital avatars of tomorrow’s virtual environments.

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powered by Xsens

Movella’s Xsens solutions has powered many famous movies and series. Take a look at these high-profile productions. How many have you seen?

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Game development

When it comes to games, we’re not playing around. Studios of all sizes can cost-effectively speed up the production of 3D character animation for games and in-game cinematics with inertial motion capture.

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VFX and cinematic production

With the superior performance of Xsens motion capture solutions, both large and small studios can produce animated CG characters that will keep audiences riveted.

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Vtubing and streaming

A virtual YouTuber portrays an animated persona on a platform like YouTube or Twitch. With Xsens, you can live stream your motion capture data seamlessly into your 3D software for real-time performances.

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Virtual live shows

Using Xsens motion capture solutions, technicians, artists, and designers can create virtual versions of live performances, through CG animations and graphics, in real time.

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VR, AR and XR

Capture clean character animation wherever you are, with Xsens motion capture solutions. Then create interactive experiences or plug data directly into game engines.

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The metaverse

Xsens motion capture solutions provide a way to create realistic, real-time movement in the metaverse. Enable more engaging experiences in the digital space of the future.

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Virtual production

Accurately capture full-body motion and see your characters animated directly into the virtual scene. Xsens motion capture solutions create lifelike animations with less clean-up time – for more efficient productions.

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Easy integrations

Live stream or export your motion capture data into your 3D software packages with ease. Xsens software can export in standardized formats, such as FBX, BVH, C3D, and MVNX. Additionally, you can easily add motion capture gloves, face capture, 3D positional aiding, or timecode.

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FIFA 22 HyperMotion motion capture

For the creators of FIFA 22, “Advanced 11v11 Match Capture” introduced a new way to simultaneously capture every movement of a whole soccer match with 22 players across the field. 

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