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Rehab reimagined

Movella’s technologies enable a personalized approach to rehabilitation and injury prevention. We are uniquely positioned to offer a full-stack solution supported by Xsens product portfolios. Hardware, software and data analytics that allow actionable insights for practitioners in physical medicine, injury prevention, and rehabilitation are all backed by our world-class support team.

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Meaningful insights for better outcomes

Collecting relevant human health data uncovers meaningful insights into rehabilitation progress, that are invaluable to practitioners in their decision making. Movella offers a range of solutions, from ready-to-use inertial motion capture systems to wearable sensor platforms for building personalized mobile applications, and a data analytics tool.



How Pro-F is revolutionizing patient-centered care with MVN Reports

Pro-F is a professional performance center providing expert physical care to general patients and athletes.

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How AKLOS Health aims to revolutionize physiotherapy

AKLOS Health is a game-changing app for the physical health of individuals everywhere. 

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Study of effects of intent recognition errors on neural control of powered lower limb prostheses

Study by the Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory (NREL) 

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