Next steps in movement digitization

Next-gen gaming, live-streaming, digital health, and autonomous robots. Unprecedented levels of athletic achievement. Artistic innovations that amaze and delight audiences of all ages. Movella’s full stack technology to capture, digitize, and analyze movement is changing the world for the better.


Movella: a leading innovator in digitizing movement

Digital artists’ creativity unleashed

Lights, camera, capture! Spotlight on astonishing entertainment solutions.

Entertainment →
Peak athlete performance realized

Breakthrough solutions that help athletes break records.

Health & sports →
Push the boundaries of 3D motion tracking

Helping people get back on their feet by removing the barriers to movement.

Research & education →
Superior positioning and orientation, anywhere

Accurate position tracking from the farmhouse to the warehouse.

Automation & mobility →

Movella is the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking products

Proven motion capture and analysis systems

Movella motion analysis technology is available in full-body 3D kinematics solutions and 3D motion trackers to integrate in your real-time applications.

Motion capture →
Controlling and detecting movement

Our Motion Tracker Industrial-grade (MTi) product series is based on over 10 years of research and development, hands-on experience and innovative drive.

Sensor modules →
A fitting solution for every application

Motion tracking recording in unconstrained environments requires lightweight, unobtrusive and body-worn sensors to track motion.

Wearables →
Ingest, understand and act

Our platform has the tools to make the lives of coaches and trainers easier, and to help optimize athletic health and performance.

Kinduct products →

Movella powers Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

Xsens inertial motion capture solutions present a faster process than keyframe animation.

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Black Panther’s stunt teams' super-suit

Xsens provided a robust and simple solution that  could leverage across a variety of challenges.

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Insights to outcomes

Movella is a leading full-stack provider of sensors, software, and analytics that enable the digitization of movement. Movella serves the entertainment, health & sports, and automation & mobility markets.


Our innovations enable our customers to capitalize on the value of movement by transforming data into meaningful and actionable insights. Partnering with leading global brands such as Electronic Arts, EPIC Games, 20th Century Studios, Netflix, Toyota, Siemens, and over 500 sports organizations, Movella is creating extraordinary outcomes that move humanity forward.