Xsens motion capture – the gold standard

From filmmakers to physiotherapists, Xsens motion capture systems are helping professionals around the world to digitize movement. Either to gain the insight to improve well-being or performance, or to create the characters and VFX that bring content producers’ visions to life.

Motion Capture

Why you should choose
Xsens motion capture

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Motion, captured anywhere

Get clean mocap data in any environment. In the studio, the office or outside.

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Easy set-up

Your mocap system is up and running in minutes.

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Boundary pushing tech

Xsens’ tiny motion trackers capture the smallest twitches to high dynamic movements.


Xsens motion capture hardware

We offer three mocap hardware options: MVN Link, MVN Awinda and MVN Awinda Starter. All set-ups use 17 sensors and provide Xsens high-quality mocap data. Choose one according to your specific motion capture needs, application, and budget. And capture even more detail with our Xsens Metagloves by Manus.


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MVN Awinda starter

MVN Awinda

MVN Link


17 wireless sensors

17 wireless sensors
(plus 1 prop sensor)

17 wireless sensors
(plus 1 prop sensor)


Full body strap set. This includes 3 t-shirts (sizes S, L, XXL) and a strap set

Full body strap set. This includes 3 t-shirts (sizes S, L, XXL) and a strap set

Full body Lycra suit available in 6 sizes (S-4XL)

Update rate

Up to 60 Hz

Up to 60 Hz

Up to 240 Hz





Battery life

6 hours

6 hours

10 hours

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Xsens motion capture software

The software records, monitors, and reviews movement. What’s more, users can capture anywhere, in any environment, with total reliability. Xsens motion capture software is available in two versions. MVN Animate for entertainment applications and MVN Analyze for health and sports, and research. We also offer cloud-based solutions to process and store data, or to generate reports.

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MVN Record

MVN Animate plus

MVN Animate pro

Record MVN files

Replay recorded files

Xsens Live Engine data quality


Xsens HD Reprocessing Engine data quality


Enabled through MotionCloud subscription

Enabled through MotionCloud subscription

Full magnetic immunity


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Easy integration

Whether it’s live connections or motion capture data files, integration has never been this easy. Xsens full-body motion capture systems integrate directly into your pipeline. And we have all the integrations you need for your applications.


Motion capture applications

Xsens motion capture solutions are unmatched in their ease of use, robustness, and reliability. Xsens produces production-ready data, making it the ideal tool for animators. Data can be live or reprocessed to achieve an even higher level of detail and accuracy.


Motion capture applications
Motion capture for health, sports, research and education

Xsens motion capture systems are the perfect tools for analyzing human movement. Through wearable motion capture systems, MVN Analyze software, and automated cloud-based reports, you can capture accurate kinematic data and assess subjects in every environment, even outside a lab.

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What is motion capture?

Pretty much exactly what it says: motion capture (also referred to as mo-cap or mocap) is the process of digitally recording the movement of people. It has many scientific and creative applications. Learn more about how it works, and how it’s used, here.

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Optical and inertial motion capture. What’s the difference?

Glad you asked. Check out the breakdown of the difference between optical motion capture and inertial motion capture.