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Motion, captured anywhere

Capture clean character animation in any environment – in the studio, office, or outside.

Plug directly into game engines

MVN Animate can stream data straight into Unity or Unreal Engine through our plugins.

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Interactive experiences

Turn data into realistic, immersive experiences in VR, AR and XR environments.


AR in any environment

Once users are wearing the MVN Link suit, movements can be recorded or streamed to give life to 3D characters. The movements can be recorded and mapped directly to pre-rendered cues and animated on screen.


Create live experiences

The ability to record motion anywhere makes interactive performances with live virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions simple and effective. Whether it’s a stage play or an interactive game demo, users can see live animation recorded in real time by actors wearing Xsens suits.

Once the performers get into the suit, they’re natural – the suits don’t get in the way of the performance at all."

“As soon as they realized that their acting wasn’t going to be inhibited, it became a great opportunity for them to achieve something fresh and exciting.”

Toby Coffey

Head of Digital Development at The National Theatre.


Create immersive animations, fast

Using Xsens motion capture solutions, studios can produce immersive character animation for virtual reality games faster than ever before. VR is all about interactivity, and the movement of game characters is pivotal to the experience, bringing a sense of realism to the in-game world.

Xsens allows us to capture an idea and put it in virtual reality on the same day.”

"We rarely use the word ‘mocap’ any more. We say, just Xsens it.”

John Kim

Survios Animation Director, Creed: Rise to Glory.


Produce interactive AR

By mapping character animation, users can create live, interactive AR experiences and lifelike movement for characters in front of live audiences. Psyop digitally produced two 3D cartoon characters in a room with an interviewer to answer live questions online – actors used the Xsens suits in the studio to provide movements to the animations in real time.

We brought in the Cricket Wireless character and surprised them."

“They were blown away, and they thought we were kind of faking it – like it was pre-rendered.”

Matthew Seymour

Executive Producer of Psyop's The Lab division.


Easy integration

Whether it’s live connections or motion capture data files, integration has never been this easy. Xsens full-body motion capture systems integrate directly into your pipeline. And we have all the integrations you need for your applications.

Creator's corner

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How Team Rolfes use Xsens to create out-of-this-world experiences

Team Rolfes is the 3D and image making studio headed up by brothers Sam and Andy Rolfes. 

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Live Movement in a Virtual World with Xsens x Anomalyst Studio

 An Interview with Ben Kee, Founder Anomalyst Studio 

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Creating the Metaverse with Motion Capture

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Product bundles

Best bundles for VR, AR and XR

MVN hardware
MVN software
Additional hardware
Bundle features

MVN Link + MVN Animate Pro

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Bundle features
Ideal for high-dynamic movements
High update rate for extra accuracy
On body recording and sturdy sensor placement for ultimate freedom
Clean data and full magnetic immunity
Up to 4 actors supported (unlimited with on body recording)
Exporting available: FBX, BVH, C3D, MP4 (movie)
Live streaming into 3rd party software
3rd party plugins available (Unreal Engine, Unity3D, Autodesk + various others)
High fidelity finger tracking
Low latency (20ms)
Local HD reprocessing
Time code support
3D positional aiding with HTC Vive
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MVN Awinda Starter + MVN Animate Plus

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Bundle features
Suitable for all types of motions
More affordable - with Xsens quality
Quick setup with easy and fast sensor placement
Clean data and full magnetic immunity
Up to 2 actors supported
Exporting available: MVNX (position/orientation), FBX, BVH
Live streaming into 3rd party software
3rd party plugins available (Unreal Engine, Unity3D, Autodesk + various others
High fidelity finger tracking
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