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Performance, wellness and injury data

Movella sports performance technologies have made the lives of hundreds of coaches, elite teams, and world-renowned individual athletes easier. The unrivaled ability to transform data into actionable insights to help optimize athletic health and performance is what makes Movella a clear winner.


Movella sports performance technologies:

  • Collect, consolidate and analyze performance, wellness, and injury data in real conditions

  • Provide insights to coaches and trainers

  • Empower remote monitoring and advice for all

  • Help more than 550 pro and elite teams

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A solution for coaches and athletes

Measuring physical performance in a restrictive setting like a laboratory limits the quality of your results. Movella offers technologies for capturing, analyzing, and assessing data in any setting and in the moment. Movella offers a wide range of solutions for digitizing movement and state-of-being in sports, including:


  • A development platform for wearable sensors that enables innovators to develop and prototype new applications faster
  • Sophisticated full-body motion capture solutions to map biomechanical movement with greater precision
  • Athlete management systems that ensure the acquired data can be processed effectively within a single, integrated platform and translated into meaningful insights
Sports Performance

Data doesn’t improve performance; the right interpretation and use of it does

kiduct-athlete-management-system Kinduct Athlete Management System

Here’s the best way to help coaches and trainers optimize the health and performance of the athletes they work with every day. It’s a rich, cloud-based solution that consolidates a variety of human performance data and presents impactful dashboards for both athletes and trainers.

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xsens-dot-wearables Xsens Wearables

Enable motion tracking applications that effectively manage sports performance and provide real-time feedback via cellphone. This leading-edge development platform includes lightweight, unobtrusive, body-worn sensors accompanied by a powerful software package for developers.

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xsens-motion-capture Xsens Motion Capture

Measuring an athlete’s body kinematics in real game conditions gives a greater understanding of athletic performance. This full-body human measurement system is based on inertial sensors, biomechanical models, and sensor fusion algorithms.

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