Performance insights

Elevate your performance with our advanced motion capture system, offering real-time feedback for every move. Stay ahead of the competition with unparalleled precision and insights.

One system, limitless possibilities

Track movements seamlessly across all sports, from soccer to golf. Our motion capture solution adapts to your training needs, providing freedom and accuracy for peak performance.

Injury prevention and performance

Beyond tracking, our system offers in-depth biomechanical insights. Minimize injury risks, proactively address triggers, and enhance rehabilitation for a safer and swifter return to peak performance.

Xsens solution for optimizing performance and recovery​

Xsens Sports
Measuring an athlete’s body kinematics in real game conditions for a better understanding of athletic performance

How Xsens improves human performance and reduces sports injuries at Sports Insight



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Sports Performance

Data doesn’t improve performance; the right interpretation and use of it does

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Xsens Wearables

Enable motion tracking applications that effectively manage sports performance and provide real-time feedback via cellphone. This leading-edge development platform includes lightweight, unobtrusive, body-worn sensors accompanied by a powerful software package for developers.

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