Industry-leading motion capture suit

The Xsens Link is our flagship product in the Xsens motion capture portfolio. The skin-tight Lycra suit with 17 sensors ensures the best possible data recording. Its low latency of 20 ms makes it ideal for any live application or real-time pipeline.


Trusted by production studios, sports practitioners and specialist healthcare providers across the globe, Xsens Link lets you capture high-impact and highly-dynamic movement – from multiple subjects – away from your computer. Combine the freedom of a 150 m wireless range with the efficiency that comes with reduced clean-up.


Capturing movement

Inertial motion capture works by attaching small, lightweight sensors to the body. The sensors capture movements, create data, and transmit that data to a receiver. A motion capture bundle including hardware and software is required.

Xsens Link



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Update rate

Up to 240 Hz

Wireless range

150 m

Battery life

10 hr

Wireless communication


Wireless datalink

Access point


Full-body Lycra suit (available in 6 sizes) with matching shorts


Charging station for battery pack


20 ms

On-body buffering

10 min


17 wired sensors (and 1 prop sensor)

Hardware synchronization

(e.g. EMG sensors, force plates, etc.) Optional, with additional Awinda station


Rugged pelican case


Optional GPS antenna to embed GPS data

Finger tracking

Full compatibility with Xsens Metagloves by Manus, Xsens gloves by Manus, Manus Prime II, Xsens Prime III, and Stretchsense gloves

MVN Link

Design highlights

Image of a woman in motion suit dancing
Capture motion everywhere

Even in the most challenging magnetically disturbed environments, MVN Link provides you with production quality mocap data.

Image of woman in motion suit jumping
Rugged design

The ultra-small trackers are rugged and designed to withstand high impact. Perfect for rolls and stunts.

Image of woman in motion suit
A second skin

The motion capture suit has great sportive design and comes with matching shorts.

Man and woman wearing motion capture suits
Quick turnaround

The on-body zippers enable easy access to all trackers and allow for quick set-up.

MVN Link


Sports performance

Enhance the performance of athletes by analyzing their movements.

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Video game development

Simplify the production of animated characters for games and in-game cinematics.

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VTubing & streaming

Record or stream an animated version of someone for YouTube, Twitch and other platforms.

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VR, AR and XR

Represent a human’s interactions in any virtual or mixed reality environment.

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Sports science

Analyze and apply the mechanics of human motion to increase understanding of athletic performance.

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Virtual production

Combine the physical and the virtual world. Build avatars through motion capture.

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Create realistic characters and effects to complement your live-action filming.

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The metaverse

Interact and connect with others using a unique digital identity.

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Virtual live shows

Bring characters to life in multimedia 3D live events and concerts.

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Woman wearing a motion capture suit


We offer smart bundles of hardware, software, and cloud processing options optimized for your motion capture requirements. Get in contact and we will help configuring your system.


How Hokusho University used Xsens to help Ryōyū Kobayashi win Olympic gold

An interview with Professors Keizo Yamamoto and Makoto Tsubokura. 

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