Asset 24_1x Advanced motion capture

Uses the most advanced inertial and optical motion capture.

Asset 22_1x App based analysis

Provides recommendations to physical therapists/fitness coaches on tailored apps.

Asset 14_1x Leverage data

Leverages additional biometric data from subjects and therapists.


Insights to move forward

Coaches and trainers now depend on tools to absorb and analyze data from biomechanical and biometric devices, inertial sensors, and motion capture systems. It’s key to optimizing athlete performance, preventing injury, and accelerating recovery. It’s also crucial in the corporate world, where detailed workplace and ergonomic data are instrumental in safeguarding against repetitive injuries.


Movella provides rich, cloud-based product solutions to consolidate human performance data, and present detailed, action-oriented dashboards to help people reach their best.


Empowering success

Whether you’re an Olympian or a weekend warrior, Movella can help you improve your performance. Movella integrates seamlessly with world-leading wearable data collection and assessment technologies, giving you the insights you need to aim higher. 

Health & Sports


patient having walk patterns analyzed
Sports performance

Elevate athlete performance through movement analysis​.

Sports performance  →
Physio holding patients ankle
Workplace ergonomics

Accurately classify, score and assess workplace activities and movements.

Workplace ergonomics  →
two runners wearing xsens motion capture tshirtss
Rehabilitation and injury prevention

Enhance functional abilities, and prevent or reduce injuries from harmful movements.

Training & rehabilitation →

Healthy work


Companies are investing in healthy workplaces, often using innovative technology to improve the safety and wellbeing of workers.

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Empower your analysis

Our products use AI-enhanced cloud analytics to support remote monitoring and deliver consistent advice for all your staff. This is key to driving personalized telerehab, and remote monitoring applications.