High precision human movement measurement with Xsens motion capture

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Lab quality data

Flawless motion data with advanced biomechanical model and real time visualization. Benefit from validated, peer reviewed data.

Easy to use

Empower motion analysis with our user-friendly system. Easy and quick setup anywhere.

Measure movement anywhere

Capture motion data in any environment without compromising on quality. Capture in research settings, factory environment or at home.

Unmatched flexibility and accuracy across applications
Research & Development
Research and education​
Accelerate biomechanical research and advance the understanding of the human body.
Worker at a facility
Workplace ergonomics
Enhance workplace efficiency and safety through real-time analysis of human movement.
Rehabilitation analysis
Rehabilitation & injury prevention
Gain invaluable motion insights for improved decision-making and enhanced patient outcomes.
Rugby player
Sports performance
Harness motion data for actionable insights, optimizing athletic health and performance.

Seamless Integration with leading 3rd Party Software

Bob Biomechanics
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