Indoor Mobile Robots
Motion Trackers for Agile AGV and AMR Engineering

Enhance AGV and AMR performance with Xsens MTi series motion trackers. These industrial-grade sensors, compact and low-power, provide critical data such as 3D Angular Velocity, Acceleration, Magnetic Field, and orientation information.


The MTi series is fully calibrated, offering precise sensor characteristics, and comes with various functionalities, hardware interfaces, and form factors. With on-board sensor fusion algorithms, these motion trackers optimize navigational accuracy, making them ideal for AGV and AMR applications, especially in challenging industrial environments. Experience advanced autonomy and seamless integration with Xsens Motion Trackers.

Recommended Products




The MTi-320 is an AHT with a small form factor for deep integration.




The MTi-620 is a VRU with a small form factor design for deep integration.



Xsens MTi 1-series

The MTi-2 is the smallest self-contained VRU available on the market.

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