About BoB

‘Biomechanics of Bodies’ – in short: BoB – can analyze internal body loadings, energy expenditure, reaction force, joint contact force, and more. However, to round off effective analysis, BoB also requires Xsens motion data. BoB includes the following features:

  • Supports MVNX, BVH, CSV, C3D, TXT, motion capture files from MVN Animate and Analyze (Link, Awinda)
  • BoB can calculate point position/velocity/acceleration, orientations and trajectories, body energy/power, velocity vectors, joint angles, ROM, joint torques, joint contact forces, GRF, muscle forces, lengths, contraction rates, and energy/power

Why use BoB?

  • Easy to learn use with a short learning curve
  • Available in many languages
  • Online video tutorials are available
  • Multi-person setups
  • 3D graphics with a lot of visualization options
  • Validated through publications in academic journeys
  • Can show synchronized videos and EMG
  • MATLAB functionalities offer a lot of freedom


BoB - Xsens Biomechanics Bundle

Next to offering a general integration between the systems of both companies, BoB and Xsens have combined forces and developed the BoB – Xsens Biomechanics bundle. This bundle is designed for ease of use and rigor in analysis. This hardware/software bundle contains everything you require to do a complete biomechanical analysis. The hardware in the bundle is the MVN Awinda Starter existing of 17 wireless MTw2 trackers. The software in the bundle is 1) MVN Analyze Plus for collecting motion data and 2) BoB is used for biomechanical analysis. BoB includes a musculoskeletal model of the human skeletal mechanism and a whole-body muscle model with over 600 muscle units.