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Bring out the best in athletes

Our platform has the tools to make the lives of coaches and trainers easier, and to help optimize athletic health and performance. Benefit from the 50+ technologies our platform is integrated with to track player compliance, build custom reports and training programs, and much more. Learn more about the four main components of our platform below.

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Custom data collection

Leverage our built-in tools like Form Builder to administer, distribute, and capture meaningful data from your athletes. Form Builder enables you to create custom surveys or assessments that can be completed on any device, and map directly back to our reporting systems.

Human performance SaaS


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Integrations and imports

Turn all of your data into powerful insights and tangible actions through our integrations with 50+ leading wearable technologies, EMRs, and data providers. Our open API enables your teams to build integrations directly, seamlessly pulling the data you need in a fraction of the time. We can even build the integration for you.

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Secure, self-serve capabilities

Now you can schedule automated pulls of data from a wide variety of sources, including tracking devices, assessment tools, and applications. Our self-serve API module allows you authenticate integrations yourself, so you never have to wait for anyone to start consolidating your data.

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“The new API integration with Firstbeat Sports and Kinduct has simplified our workflow when it comes to reviewing and analyzing our workouts and practices."

"Through Kinduct’s API page, I’m able to pull data on command, or set up automated pulls throughout the day, saving us a huge amount of time.”

Bill Burniston

Head Strength Coach, Carolina Hurricanes


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