11th June 2021

The Xsens user community is one of the most diverse and creative user bases in the motion capture industry. Creative studios, research facilities, indie developers, artists, and enthusiasts – all of our users apply Xsens inertial motion capture technology in unique and innovative ways. 

With the launch of our MotionCloud platform, we opened the door to an entirely new pricing system that could more effectively cater to the different ways our customers use Xsens. Now, both current and new users can customize their product offering to fit the needs of their pipeline, instead of buying a one-size-fits-all package. 

We’ve set up a tier system for our hardware, software, and cloud solutions. This means users can mix and match our product offerings to maximize the areas most useful to them. This blog provides some examples of the different ways users can customize their Xsens experience, including a video explaining everything in detail. 

For a full explanation of our hardware and the new product model, watch this helpful video from a member of the Xsens team:

Get started with MVN Awinda to track fast-paced movements 

Our lower-priced MVN Starter and Awinda systems, consisting of wireless sensors worn over clothing, are perfectly suited for projects focused on motion capture for high-speed or short movements. Instead of buying the full MVN Animate or MVN Analyze package, these systems could be purchased alongside our Xsens MVN basic or offline processing software, and our free MotionCloud plan, to obtain high-level results with less cost and more specialization. 


Enhance the full MVN package with MotionCloud

Our full package, including the lycra MVN Link suits and processing software, is just as precise and robust as ever, but now users can add MotionCloud to enhance the user experience even further. MotionCloud adds unlimited file storage, global collaboration, and fast cloud processing of data – the initial plan is absolutely free and users can choose to increase cloud usage on a month-by-month basis. 


Streamline real-time motion capture with MVN Animate PLUS

We’ve also added a new version of our MVN Animate software called Animate PLUS. Adding direct compatibility with Unity and Unreal, the clean data acquired from our Xsens motion capture systems can drive the movements of animated characters in real-time. Animate PLUS is designed to work seamlessly with precision in live environments, be it on-stage, online, or as part of a virtual production setup. 

Our new customizable product system is designed to make things easier for studios and research facilities everywhere, and we’ve provided a simple online configurator to assist in choosing the right product offering for your project’s needs. 

Configure your system

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