Perfect addition to Xsens Awinda: Full body motion capture for a fraction of the price​

Complete your Awinda mocap suit with the new Prime 3 Gloves, delivering precise and dependable finger tracking data at a reduced cost.  These gloves seamlessly integrate with Xsens motion capture software, facilitating the direct transmission of real-time finger data into your pipeline. Thanks to their advanced magnetic immunity, the gloves enable capturing motion anywhere, anytime.

Why add finger capture to your mocap pipeline?​

Excellent value for money ​
Add high-precision finger capture to your mocap for only $3.799
twenty-one-pilots performing in Xsens suits
Expressiveness in detail
Add new expression possibilities and humanity to your characters with finger mocap​
Xsens avatar open hands
Full integration with Xsens​
Effortlessly embed your finger motion capture into your Xsens mocap pipeline​
virtual hand managing the button panel
Detailed previsualization​
Get an accurate previz with high-fidelity hand movement capture​
Xsens Prime 3 Gloves by Manus

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
Finger sensor type 5x 2DoF Flexible sensors and 6x 9DoF IMU’s
Signal latency ≤ 7.5ms
Sensor sample rate 90Hz
Battery duration 10 hours (swappable batteries)
Technical specifications
Charging USB Type-C, 3 hours charging time
Weight 134 grams
Wired communication USB Type-C
Wireless communication Bluetooth Low Energy 5
Technical specifications
Textile information 77% Polyester, 23% Spandex
Finger Flexible Sensor Repeatability >1.000.000 cycles
Supported operating system Windows 10/11

Fully integrated with the industry's essentials:

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What's in the box?

  • 2x Xsens Prime 3 by Manus gloves
  • 2x USB-C cables
  • 1x dongle
  • 2x Xsens Awinda adapters
  • 2x Xsens Link adapters
  • 2x batteries
  • 1x travel case
  • Quick start guide