1st October 2018

We are currently preparing the launch of our new motion capture engine – a groundbreaking initiative that will make our MVN motion capture solutions immune to magnetic distortion and prevent body segment drift.

This summer we have released a Beta version to a select group of studios, universities and research institutes.

Now, in a series of blog posts, we will share the experiences of these users across a range of industries, revealing how the updates have impacted on approach and delivery of motion capture.

In this first blog, we meet with the talented team at The Mocap Studio in London.



The Mocap Studio is a new Xsens MVN customer and performed astonishing work on the 'Under The Skin' video for the Wimbledon 2017 Championships earlier this year, created in association with IBM and leading advertising agency McCann.

The Mocap Studio spent a great deal of time with the latest MVN beta in the creation of this short, and had some great things to say.

Simon Legrand, CEO at The Mocap Studio: 

The Xsens solver and mobility of the technology were something that initially attracted us to it as a solution. Now, having tried the beta and this next-generation solver, we’re seeing even more value as a studio, and even more for our client. With the latest version of MVN we can create clean data quicker than ever before, not to mention capture motion in more environments than we knew possible with inertial technology.

Choose Your Engine!

Our revolutionary new motion capture engine will make Xsens’ motion capture solutions immune to magnetic distortion and prevent body segment drift. It is time to choose your engine.

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