Press Release
Press Release

9th March 2022

This major update sees deeper integration, added functionalities and an enhanced workflow for Xsens MVN software and Xsens MotionCloud


San Jose, California, January 2022 - Movella’s Xsens, the leading innovator in 3D inertial motion tracking technology, announces the latest MVN update, accelerating workflows worldwide by bringing industry leading HD Reprocessing motion capture data to users faster than ever before.  With this update, users will no longer be limited by the pre-existing boundaries of motion capture, with Motion Cloud’s MVN Processing offering a new degree of scalability and flexibility within a cloud-based platform.  

The update advances the Xsens MotionCloud platform by introducing an upgrade to MVN Processing, which sees processing time decreased by roughly 50% - eight minutes processing time for one minute of footage, becomes four minutes.  

The update, for all Xsens MVN software offerings, means it has never been easier to scale teams ad hoc and work with multiple stakeholders anywhere, anytime.

High-end capabilities at a competitive price

As well as technological advances, the MVN update also establishes an updated, data-driven, pricing model, which opens up new possibilities for users. Adding to Xsens’ support for flexible working environments, users can be added and removed from this updated pricing plan for a low fee, at any time, allowing for attainable scalability.

With the new MVN update, users will  have access to:

  • Industry-leading data - HD Reprocessing ensures users are operating with motion capture data at the highest level of accuracy. 
  • Increased workflow - the ability to reprocess multiple files in batch means more time can be spent on productive work
  • Seamless connectivity - Remote workers and clients will benefit from a speedier process time, increasing workflow efficiency across the board.
  • Flexible scalability - users can expand their data demands as and when necessary. 
  • Simplified pricing structure - A new data-driven pricing model reduces complexity and breaks down boundaries. 

The MVN 2022 update is part of a continuous effort from Xsens to innovate within the motion capture sector and provide users with a cutting-edge experience that facilitates a harmonious interaction between physical and digital spaces. Clients who have benefitted from the use of MVN technology include Roblox, for their 21 Pilots concert, and EA Sports, with their global phenomenon, FIFA 22.

“The release of the latest MVN update is designed to unleash the potential of working with motion-capture data, informed and inspired by users of our existing software. With faster data processing time, a refined UI, and an increased integration between Motion Cloud and MVN software, we are enhancing the user experience, and continue to facilitate workforces worldwide,” says  - Rob Löring, Sr. Director Entertainment at Movella.


Productivity without compromises  

One of the initial aims for the new MVN update was to further optimize software offerings to meet increased demands for remote and flexible working set-ups.  Last year saw Movella release Xsens’ MotionCloud, which broke down limitations of restricted on-premise hardware, and opened up a new way to work with motion capture data on a global level.  

With the new MVN update, users will be able to operate even more efficiently, due to improved MotionCloud integration and workflow. This includes the evolution of MotionCloud’s built-in MVN Processing, the best platform for users wanting to work with meticulous motion capture data without compromising on their production. 

Further changes to MotionCloud include an updated user-friendly interface, allowing you to preview files within MVN software,  and the ability to process data while recording continues, ensuring that you can operate uninterrupted. 

With the new MVN update, it’s never been easier to scale operations as and when needed thanks to the capacity to add and remove users with ease; hiring freelancers and contractors becomes frictionless. The ability to send and receive work quickly, anytime and anywhere, means team can focus on being productive above all else. 

Find out more about Xsens’ offerings here.


About Xsens

Xsens is the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. Our sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world in consumer electronics devices and professional applications such as Motion Capture, Motion Analysis, healthcare, sports and industrial applications.

About Movella

Movella™ is a full-stack hardware, software, and data analytics company created by the consolidation of mCube, Xsens, and Kinduct. Movella is a global innovator of advanced technologies and products that sense, capture, and analyze all aspects of movement. Movella serves the entertainment, sports, health, and industrial markets by capturing and transforming movement data into meaningful and actionable insights. Working with the leading global brands such as Electronic Arts, NBC Universal, Netflix, Daimler, Siemens, and over 500 sports teams, we are creating extraordinary outcomes that move humanity forward. To learn more, visit

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