Press Release
Press Release

10th May 2022

10 May 2022 - Meta Labs harnesses Movella’s Xsens motion capture technology to create Jurassic Punks or ‘JPunks’, a 3D NFT Dinosaurs collection made in Unreal Engine.

Movella’s Xsens motion capture was used to create Meta Labs’ Jurassic Punks. With motion at the core of this collection, Meta Labs' Jurassic Punks dinosaur avatars are fit to cat-walk, be part of brand partnerships and live in the metaverse thanks to the versatility of Movella’s Xsens motion capture solutions.

“Movella's Xsens technology brought functionality through movement to our dinosaurs so we could showcase the future of the metaverse. Thanks to real-time data and an ergonomic, versatile suit designed to fit any user, we pushed past creative boundaries.” - Kevin Docherty, Co-Founder of Meta Labs.

“Movella is a key enabler of the Metaverse. By providing a powerful inertial motion capture solution, Movella makes it possible for creators to develop and share immersive experiences in the Metaverse. Pioneering examples like JPunks show great demand for innovative entertainment content. Movella is helping building the Metaverse, one brick at a time.” -  said CJ Hoogsteen, VP Sales and Marketing of Movella.

The JPunks’ NFT collection sold out days after its release on the 24th of March, 2022. 


About Movella

Movella™ is a full-stack hardware, software, and data analytics company created by the consolidation of mCube, Xsens, and Kinduct. Movella is a global innovator of advanced technologies and products that sense, capture and analyze all aspects of movement. Movella serves the entertainment, sports, health, and industrial markets by capturing and transforming movement data into meaningful and actionable insights. Working with the leading global brands such as Electronic Arts, NBC Universal, Netflix, Daimler, Siemens, and over 500 sports teams, we are creating extraordinary outcomes that move humanity forward. To learn more, visit

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