12th January 2021

MVN Reports - Gait-edited-1


The Movella MVN cloud-based gait report is a new tool to reduce the costs associated with (clinical) gait analysis. This cloud-based system allows users to collect lab quality motion capture data in any environment and have access to reports in a secure manner with faster and earlier workflows. This paper describes the various stages of the gait cycle and its associated parameters. It presents Movella performance against reference optical data. Overall, the data showed encouraging results across a wide range of (clinically) relevant parameters. The report further enables rich quantitative analysis in the form of joint angles, segment kinematics and centre of mass tracking, which allow many quantities of interest to be investigated. The Movella MVN setup is completely wearable enabling the analysis of patients in their natural environment, thereby facilitating a wider adoption to the community, as well as a cost-effective solution to perform gait analysis.


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