2nd August 2021

Gait Analysis with Xsens MVN Reports will change the way you see human motion and will give you an objective way of assessing movement. Powered by the new Xsens MotionCloud platform, MVN Reports instantly present complex movement data in an accessible, easy-to-read report.

For the Health applications, it’s important to have a quick setup due to the limited time that’s available for a session. Our setup can easily be done within 5 minutes and in case you don’t need a full-body setup, for example with gait analysis, this is even less. Because our system is already broadly used and tested by more than 500 universities, we can assure highly accurate and validated data. This will make it possible to perform an objective assessment. And last but not least, our system is so easy to use that you don’t need to be a technical expert.

Setting up the system

In as little as a few minutes, a full standardized Gait report with all the relevant Gait parameters is created. Also, the motion data is visualized as a 3D avatar. This report is automatically generated on the Xsens MotionCloud platform. All that’s required is an Xsens MVN motion capture setup and access to Xsens MotionCloud.

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 11.32.26To start, you will have to choose between the lower or full body measurements. Next, apply turned-on sensors with the straps on the body and make sure that the straps are tight. Connect Awinda dongle or station to the computer. To receive accurate data, it is important to use precise body dimensions, which you can measure with our measuring tape. Add the information to MVN Analyse software and start the calibration. It starts with the person standing in a neutral pose and walking in a normal fashion. To create a Gait report, you need to record at least ten steps in the same direction without stops or turns. 

Generating Gait Report

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 11.37.23Generate Gait report with MotionCloud integration makes human motion analysis easier like never before. With the report you can see parameters like:

  • General parameters like Steps, Cadence, and Distance
  • Spatial Parameters
  • Temporal Parameters
  • Joint Angles, Center of Mass and Acceleration
  • Gait Graphs Visualization
  • Automatic Gait Cycle detection
  • 3D Visualization of recording



To introduce you to our new MVN Reports feature, we prepared a webinar that includes all the necessary information. Felix Wolbert (New Market and Business Development Manager) and Kyra Heinz (Product Specialist Health & Sports) show the benefits of using Xsens technology to assess human movement and to lead you through the process of capturing data and generating the report.

Watch webinar on-demand by clicking image below:

Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 11.40.08

Using Xsens MVN Report for physiotherapy practises


Pro-F has been using Xsens’ precise motion capture technology to track the accurate full-body movements of its patients, radically improving the depth of analysis possible and transforming the performance and rehabilitation of athletes. Recently, Pro-F implemented our newly released MVN Reports. This new feature is made possible with Xsens’ motion capture platform, Xsens MotionCloud, and provides Xsens users with the ability to see different analysis results presented in user-friendly graphs and tables.

We spoke with Ralph Speerstra, Sports Physical Therapist at Pro-F, to find out how MVN Reports has transformed the center’s approach to patient care. To learn more watch our most recent customer case  with a professional performance center - PRO-F.


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