1st March 2018

MVN 2018 - 1-3


Movella MVN is an easy to use, cost efficient system that captures full-body human motion in any environment. It
is based on small, unobtrusive inertial and magnetic sensors combined with advanced algorithms and biomechanical models. The newly released motion capture engine is immune to magnetic distortions and is available either as MVN Animate for the 3D character animation market, or as MVN Analyze for the human motion measurement market. This whitepaper describes key characteristics and shows an analysis of the performance of the new engine. The performance analysis includes a comparison with an optical position measurement system in combination with OpenSim for walking data, as well as a consistency analysis for running data. The analysis shows RMS differences of less than 5 degrees for the dominant joint angles during walking
and consistent performance over more than 90 minutes of running data. The MVN Analyze and MVN Animate engines enable reliable and consistent tracking of any type of movement including running, jumping, squatting, crawling, cartwheeling, in any type of environment, including severe magnetically distorted environments.


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