11th January 2021

MotionCloud is an all-in-one motion capture service for powerful data processing, reporting, and global collaboration

Enschede, Netherlands, January 2021 – Xsens, the leading innovator in inertial motion tracking technology for 3D character animation, sports, health and ergonomics, will launch MotionCloud service for MVN users during All-Digital CES 2021. This landmark upgrade to Xsens MVN adds cloud-based storage, processing power, and reporting tools, taking team collaboration and motion data processing to new heights. Alongside this expansion, Xsens is opening up a Beta Program, kickstarting a host of new cloud-based developments for all Xsens markets.social_post_2

Global collaboration and dependable results

With MotionCloud, Xsens users can access and process data from anywhere. MVN Analyze and MVN Animate users will be able to upload data directly to the cloud, and share it with colleagues for easy review and analysis. For studios with remote setups, or for facilities with off-site research projects, tracking precise motion data from the world’s greatest athletes and actors has never been easier. Receive automatic generated reports for sports, health and ergonomic applications using the uploaded motion data. Mocap sessions can be completed by performers, while the data is instantly accessible to animators or data analysts in entirely different locations.

 The high level of data processing possible with MotionCloud means users are no longer limited by the power of their on-premises hardware, instead, MotionCloud produces detailed data analysis at a much faster rate than any desktop or laptop. MotionCloud offers users a state-of-the-art motion tracking and cloud stack, providing in-built performance analysis and reporting tailored to users’ requirements. MotionCloud is built for the modern-day studio and lab.

 “We are moving up and into the cloud. Xsens’ MotionCloud is a highly innovative motion data specialist platform created for the most accurate data collection and sophisticated analytics possible, and all with incredible useability. MotionCloud is designed for the storage, analysis, and reporting of motion data, for any industry, sector, and purpose. We think Motioncloud significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of any team – we want to empower our customers in health, sports, ergonomics, and entertainment with this powerful tool,” said Rob Löring, Business Director 3D Body Motion at Xsens.

 The combination of precise Xsens inertial motion tracking sensors with an advanced fusion algorithm for processing produces world-class full-body motion data, which can all be stored and accessed safely in MotionCloud. Users can organize motion data collaboratively and reprocess multiple recordings as batches, saving time and expenditure.


MoutionCloud Beta Program

MotionCloud will be officially launched at All-Digital CES 2021, taking place online from the 11th to the 14th of January. Find out more about MotionCloud here and discover the upcoming webinar series discussing all of the new features. Xsens has also announced a free MotionCloud Beta Program to try and test the all new cloud-based developments and be one of the first to experience the next move in motion data.

MotionCloud infographic

Check out this MotionCloud Infographic containing all aspects important to MotionCloud. It gives a complete overview of what MotionCloud is and what it brings you.


Xsens MotionCloud

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