Digital Efficiency with Familiar Ergonomic Standards

Unlock the power of digitization while adhering to familiar ergonomic standards with the Xsens Ergo bundle. This entry-level package seamlessly integrates standardized cloud reporting into your existing workflow, allowing for a smooth transition to a digital era without compromising established practices. Standardized reports include RULA, REBA, and Adjustable Ergo.


Xsens Ergo
MVN-Analyze-Awinda---Ergonomics-car-edited Work_xsens ergocert-1 Awinda ergonomics 2


  • Xsens Awinda or Xsens Awinda Starter ?


  • Standarized ergonomic reporting ?
  • Familiar standards
    Maintain consistency with your accustomed ergonomic standards such as RULA, REBA, and Adjustable ergonomics.
  • Objective workflow
    Enhance objectivity in assessments by digitizing your workflow.
  • Increased efficiency
    Explore more analysis options within a working day, boosting overall efficiency.
  • Cloud accessibility
    Access reports from anywhere, at any time.

Why Xsens?
  • Simplifies complex kinematic data for instant comprehension. 
  • Automates report generation for ergonomics assessments 
  • Receive a tailored report within minutes, featuring 3D avatar visualization of motion data
Why Xsens Awinda?
  • Xsens Awinda: Motion capture system with 17 wireless sensors and adjustable straps. 
  • Fast, easy, and reliable for capturing regular motions in diverse work settings. 
  • Wearable over clothing, ideal for real-life working conditions.