Movella DOT

An industry-leading development platform

Sensor fusion algorithms
Superior sensor fusion technology

Our patented sensor fusion algorithm is optimised for human movement and provides the highest levels of accuracy in the market. Movella DOT is immune to magnetic field distortion and features the latest signal processing technology.

Ground-breaking sensor design

Movella DOT leverages proven cutting-edge hardware and innovative design, and delivers an award-winning technology experience.

Support during your development journey

We partner with pioneering start-ups and entrepreneurs, providing support, technology, and resources, helping them to bring their innovative ideas and application dreams to life.

DOT sensor

Meet Movella DOT

Attractive, desirable, and easy to use, Movella DOT features an IP68 water-resistant rating and a long, all-day battery life to keep you on track without interruption.

DOT packaging

Ready, set, go

Ready to go with your application idea? We’re ready to help you bring it to life with a Movella DOT set.


It includes:

5 Movella DOT sensors

Charging case and a cable

Movella DOT software package


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Movella DOT packaging 2023
Connect the DOTs

Use the Movella DOT sensor as a standalone device or connect multiple sensors according to your needs for even more accurate, complex motion tracking data. The Movella DOT comes with a slimline charging case for up to 5 sensors, which also keeps them protected when not in use.

IP68 water-resistant rating

Flexibility to use everywhere. Splashing water or light rain can’t stop you from moving on.

Bluetooth 5.0


  • It’s a standard and easy-to-use protocol. Most devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops can connect to DOT sensors via Bluetooth.

  • Low energy consumption.

Dot hand
Form factor

Small enough that you won’t feel it on your body during your exercise, it doesn’t interfere with anything during running, exercising, or research.


Software integration without hesitation


The Movella DOT provides endless application possibilities. The platform is flexible, and easy to integrate with any device, independent of operating system, giving you everything you need to build a commercially attractive application.

Movella DOT software development kit (SDK)

If you are a developer or system integrator wanting to build your own applications, download the Movella DOT SDK. It includes methods and functions to help you build an application easily.


  • Available in Java, Objective C, C++, C#, Python

  • Cross-platform availability: Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux

  • Well-written documentation and example code to help you get started

Movella DOT downloads →
Movella DOT 2023 App
Movella DOT app

If you focus on motion data and want to quickly understand the data outputs and capabilities of Movella DOT, download and install the Movella DOT app.


It will enable:


  • Scanning and connecting the sensors
  • Data real-time streaming
  • On-board data recording and exporting
  • Magnetic field mapping
  • Firmware update via OTA (over-the-air)


A ready-to-use data exporter is provided, to enable easy export of recording files via USB.

Movella DOT downloads →
BLE service specifications

If you are familiar with Bluetooth protocol and development, lower-level Movella DOT BLE service specifications are provided to enable direct communication with Movella DOT via Bluetooth.

BLE service specifications →
Movella DOT



Download datasheet
Movella DOT Sensing components 3 axis
3-axis gyroscope: Standard full range: ±2000 deg/s
3-axis accelerometer: Standard full
range: ±16 g
3-axis magnetometer: Standard full range: ±8 Gauss
Movella DOT System specifications Mechanical and communication
IP-rating: IP68
Dimensions: 36.3 × 30.35 × 10.8 mm
Weight: 11.2 g
Battery: 70 mAh – Up to 8 hours in continuous use
Bluetooth: 5.0 or above
Movella DOT System specifications SDK and output rate
SDK supported OS: Android OS 8.0 or above, ARMv8 CPU architecture; iOS 11.0 or above; Windows 10 or above; Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, or 22.04 LTS 64-bit Linux
Real-time streaming mode: up to 60 Hz
Recording mode: up to 120 Hz

Running into peak performance and recovery with inertial motion capture technology

The team at Movella has been using our own DOT development platform to analyze and track runners’ gaits, running styles and more to develop a demonstration app, which can aid training and recovery for runners. 

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Wearables make it doable

In case you’re an innovator or a developer with an idea that requires a wearable sensor that easily translates 3D motion data, you’re in luck. Movella DOT provides endless application possibilities. This is market-leading sensor fusion technology that enables a seamless interface between the digital and physical world to get your ideas moving. But the first move is yours.

Download the e-Book below and find out what Movella DOT can offer you.


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