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Driving new autonomous vehicles and motion tracking applications

Movella motion tracking solutions are being used in an ever-growing range of non-consumer, land-based autonomous vehicles. Think, for example, of off-road vehicles, robots, or goods and people transporters in closed areas such as airports, marine ports, large industrial sites, or campuses. Unlike consumers in the automotive market, our customers in these application areas are driven less by regulatory considerations, and more by specific performance needs.


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The road to safety, efficiency, and reliability

A vehicle can only operate autonomously if it knows where it is, where it’s going, and how to get there. That’s why autonomous vehicles are often equipped with a large variety of sensors, including cameras, lidar, GNSS, and wheel odometry.


However, each of these sensor solutions has its downsides:


  • Cameras and lidar are expensive, power-consuming and affected by weather, sight limitations and vibrations
  • GNSS has a low update rate and is unreliable in urban canyons and tunnels
  • Wheel odometry suffers from wheel slipping and drift.

Fitting a sensor which provides information on the vehicles state, irrespective of the environment surrounding it, can help alleviate many of these challenges.


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