Demand is on the rise in warehousing and logistics

Productivity demands are increasing. The traditional automated guided vehicle (AGV – which follows pre-determined paths using lines or beacons) is being upgraded, and more versatile and efficient autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are entering the picture. The industry is growing at an unprecedented pace, and autonomous warehouse robots are leading the charge.


The challenge is that GNSS does not work inside most buildings

This means your vehicle must operate reliably without the need for GNSS-based position. It also means it must be self-aware and able to navigate an environment with objects that move or are moved around. At the same time, price pressure is high, with customers demanding excellent price-performance ratios, combined with high compatibility.


How Xsens technology can help

Compared to standard IMUs (inertial measurement units), Xsens sensor modules: 


  • Are fully calibrated for a wide variety of sensor characteristics, including sensor bias, temperature, non-linearity, and misalignment 

  • Contain on-board sensor fusion algorithms, including Active Heading Stabilization for reducing heading drift 

  • Provide various hardware interfaces (e.g. CAN, RS232, I2C, SPI, UART, USB) and form factors (e.g. surface-mount, OEM or encased) 

  • Have a full SDK and API as well as an  actively maintained ROS driver 

  • Feature a variety of all-in-one solutions

Indoor mobile robots


MTi 1-series b (Large) (Small)

Our IMU products are small, lightweight, and low on power consumption. This means the MTi Series can be included in indoor robotics designs in order to increase their intelligence and improve their navigational performance and positioning accuracy, especially at higher velocities.

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Our VRUs (vertical reference units) feature an added layer of algorithms. As well as providing roll and pitch output, the VRU also computes heading without the use of any geographic or magnetic reference. This makes the VRU the ideal pick for accurate 3D orientation in environments with magnetic disturbances, such as for AGVs or AMRs in warehouses. 

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Innok Robotics uses sophisticated sensor fusion to locate AGVs in outdoor space

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Recommended products

Our Motion Tracker industrial-grade (MTi) product series is based on over 10 years of research and development, hands-on experience and innovative drive – and comes with global 24/7 tech support. Our range of sensor modules offers exceptional data accuracy and precision, plug and play configurability, and the market’s best performance-to-price ratio.