23rd May 2023

Getting started in Virtual production can be a challenge, there are many resources available and you can approach it in many different ways. Even finding out the exact definition of 'Virtual Production' is already hard.


What is Virtual Production Visualisation?

This is the process of creating computer-generated imagery to help plan and preview various aspects of a production, which includes previs, pitchvis, techvis, stuntvis, and postvis.


Virtual Production workflows

Unreal Engine understood the challenge studios faced when going into Virtual Production and decided to come up with a guide that lays the foundation for any studio or individual to step into it. Their Virtual Production Visualization Guide is the first guide in a series of virtual production workflows published by Unreal Engine in cooperation with creative studios in this field.


The series will give you guidelines on how to set up a professional-level visualization shoot in Unreal Engine and to break down the technical barriers for people who want to get into Virtual Production.

The series includes many studios working in the field, including Magnopus, Bron Studios, ReelFX, Sony, MPC, and Epic’s own Fortnite Cinematics team.


Xsens motion capture

As Unreal Engines states in the guide, "the most common industry-standard suit is the Xsens from Movella". And in the guide, you will find a ton of resources on how to set up Xsens motion capture for Virtual Production in Unreal Engine. Also how to setup the Live Link feature to live stream Xsens data into Unreal Engine.


Watch the video by Unreal Engine and Magnopus:

Add Xsens motion capture to your pipeline?

We would like to help you in adding Xsens motion capture to your pipeline. If you would like to know more about this, please contact us.

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