Advanced technology for efficient navigation

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Active Heading Stabilization

The Active Heading Stabilization algorithm uses internal gyroscopes and accelerometers to accurately measure the orientation and track the heading of your vehicle, ensuring reliable autonomous navigation in any environment.


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Easy integration

Effortlessly integrate cutting-edge MEMS technology using the MTi-320’s industry-standard RS232 interface and housing design from the successful MTi 600-series.



Designed for high-volume, low-cost applications, the MTi-320 delivers monumental heading tracking results – without the monumental expenses.


Sensor fusion performance
Roll, Pitch: 0.5 deg RMS
Yaw/Heading: unreferenced, low drift
Strapdown Integration (SDI): Yes
Sensing components
Standard full range: 2000 deg/s
In-run bias stability:
Bandwidth (-3dB): 230 Hz
Noise density:
Standard full range: 16 g
In-run bias stability:
Bandwidth (-3dB):

230 Hz

Noise density:
Standard full range: ± 8 G
Total RMS noise: 0.5 mG
Non-linearity: 0.2%
Resolution: 0.25 mG
System specifications
IP-rating (equivalent): IP51
Operating temperature: '-40 to +85 ºC
Casing material: PC-ABS
Mounting orientation: No restriction, full 360º in all axes
Dimensions: 28 × 31.5 × 13 mm
Connector: 8-pin Molex Micro-Lock 26-30 AWG
Weight: 9 g
Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
Input voltage: 4.5 to 24 V
Power consumption (typ.):

300 mW

Interfaces / IO
Interfaces: RS232
Protocols: Xbus
Clock drift: 10 ppm
Output frequency: up to 1 kHz, 100 Hz SDI
Built-in-self test: Gyr, Acc, Mag


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Free to download MT Software Suite

The MT Software Suite contains a specially developed, easy-to-use graphical user interface, as well as drivers for various operating systems.


The suite comes with complete documentation. Of course, you can also always contact our technical support staff if you have questions.

Software programs include:

Icon representing MT Manager (GUI) MT Manager (GUI)
Icon representing code language MT SDK

Including programming examples for C, C++, C#, MATLAB, Python, ROS, and Nucleo boards. 

Icon representing a Magnetic Field Mapper Magnetic Field Mapper

(MFM) calibration tool, as GUI and SDK.

Unveiling Precision- the Active Heading Tracker for indoor mobile robots)recording available)no date

Watch the live stream: MTi-320 AHT functionality and application

The webinar introduces the Active Heading Tracker functionality of the MTi-320 sensor and goes over the applications and possibilities of the product. 


MTi modules


The fully autonomous service robot called JEEVES is the world’s first to comply with the European Union’s safety regulations governing the operation of robots in public spaces. And to navigate its way around complex, crowded multi-story buildings such as hotels and hospitals, it needs highly accurate, reliable 3D motion tracking data – a requirement met by the compact Xsens MTi-610 sensor module.

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