20th May 2016

Xsens is happy to announce the software release of MVN Studio 4.3 for Xsens MVN and MVN Analyze

This software release, a follow up to the stable 4.2 release in June 2015, hosts many new features and improvements. Watch the video for the release highlights:


Highlights – all versions:

  • ‘Soft Access point’ makes the MVN Link system truly mobile by connecting the Body Pack
    directly to a laptop or tablet. Capture a quick run outside the office is now a walk in the
    park! In MVN Studio you can enable ‘Soft Access Point’ often also referred to as ‘Virtual Router’
  • Wi-Fi configuration of the Body Pack is now available through a new Web interface. It allows
    you to connect to an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure in your office or lab to have more freedom
    to move around. Also you can connect it to a Wi-Fi network on-set or live show to ensure a
    robust performance.
  • The New MVN remote app allows you to control recordings and review the performance from
    your phone (iOS / Android). This unique feature will enable you to focus even more on the
    essence of motion capture and direct your talent, guide the patient or instruct an athlete.


Download MVN Studio 4.3



Would you like a more in-depth overview of the new features in MVN Studio 4.3? Xsens will host a webinar to explain all details and to answer questions. The webinar will be available online later.

Webinar details:
Webinar – Thursday May 26th, 16.00 (CET) / 10 AM (EST)

Register for the webinar


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