6th April 2017

Xsens’ latest MVN Studio 4.4 release unshackles Xsens MVN and MVN Analyze, enabling capture without the need of nearby hardware and you can now capture reference video from your iOS/Android device.

On-Body Recording
The MVN Studio 4.4 update unshackles the Xsens MVN and MVN Analyze Link suits from laptops and PCs – On-Body Recording enables users to record movement data without the need for nearby hardware or an on-site power source. Data is stored directly to the bodypack; users simply upload the data when they return to a computer.

MVN Studio 4.4 and On-Body Recording makes mocap more flexible and accessible than ever, opening up new possibilities for body data recording. For instance you can now capture a Motocross rider’s movement throughout the entirety of a race and you can do ergonomics analysis of lumber-jacking, deep in the woods without a nearby power source.

MVN Remote App Reference Camera
MVN Studio 4.4 also introduces a Reference Camera view to the MVN Remote App. The MVN Remote App enables users to control recordings and review performances using their iOS/Android device camera. During playback of the motions in MVN Studio, the video captured using Reference Camera will reveal the context of where the motion was recorded, enabling users to validate the motions.

Download MVN Studio 4.4

Would you like a more in-depth overview of the new features in MVN Studio 4.4? Xsens will host a webinar to explain all details and to answer questions. The webinar will be available online later.

Webinar details:
We hosted a webinar on the 4.4 release on the 19th of April. We've recorded it and made it available for playback here.



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