15th August 2018

We’re extremely proud to have worked together with Kite & Lightning to bring home the coveted “Best in Show” trophy at Real Time Live!

The ever-inventive Cory Strassburger – co-founder and creative director of creative studio Kite & Lightning – took to the stage fully kitted out in an Xsens MVN suit for the session Democratising Mocap: Real-Time Full Performance Motion Capture with an iPhone X, Xsens, IKINEMA, and Unreal Engine.

Watch the Kite & Lightning Real-Time Live! session here:



In the session, Cory used a character from Kite & Lightning's upcoming VR battle royale game, Bebylon, to reveal how his DIY motion capture set-up can bring characters to life in a simple and streamlined way. 

 Using four pieces of off-the-shelf technology – including an iPhone X attached to a bike helmet, IKINEMA's LiveAction, Epic Game's Unreal Engine, and, of course, Xsens MVN technology – Cory revealed a live, portable motion capture solution that requires no markers and is limited only by available Wi-Fi.

Cory's presentation and technology was ultimately awarded the Real-Time Live! trophy, standing as the most impressive of the technology showcased at an event already bursting with impressive imagination and innovation!

We've like to extend a huge thanks to all involved in this presentation, especially Epic Games' Unreal Engine and IKINEMA for their excellent LiveAction retargeting technology.

Epic Games 

Gavin Moran and Grayson Edge of Epic Games, and Mohen Leo of ILMxLAB also put on an "epic" Real-Time Live! session titled Ray-Traced, Collaborativee Virtual Production in Unreal Engine, featuring yet another Xsens MVN suit! 

Watch the Epic Games Real-Time Live! session here:

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