Customer case
Customer case

28th March 2024

TekFall Supreme, an online multiplayer wrestling game by BATS-TOI, with startup roots from New York University, is poised to take the gaming world by storm. Its developers have created an experience that captures the heart and soul of folkstyle and Olympic wrestling, with unparalleled realism pushing the boundaries of the genre. This journey towards achieving such authenticity hinged heavily on the use of Xsens motion capture technology. 

Born from Passion, Driven by Innovation

Mario Mercado, a former college wrestler at Syracuse University and coach at NYU, was deeply passionate about wrestling. However, he was also concerned about the prevalence of concussions in the sport, having experienced them himself and witnessing them in wrestlers he coached. This dual experience motivated him to find solutions. He first developed protective headgear to safeguard wrestlers from head injuries. Driven by his desire to further contribute to the sport, he then set his sights on creating a captivating video game, TekFall Supreme, as a way to engage the wrestling community.

Behind the scenes: Mario Mercado talks about his TekFall Supreme journey and process

Turning to Xsens Mocap for Precision, Ease, and Efficiency

Javier Molina, the lead animator and former NYU professor, explained that they initially used an optical system for capturing the wrestlers' movements. However, the close contact and physicality of wrestling often obscured the markers, rendering the data unusable.

The team's search for a solution led them to Xsens inertial mocap technology. Xsens' advanced system offered several key advantages that proved invaluable for capturing the dynamic nature of wrestling.

  • Ideal for close-contact action: Unlike optical systems that struggle with occluded markers, Xsens mocap excels in capturing accurate motion data for wrestling's dynamic close-contact maneuvers. Its inertial sensors, unlike cameras, track movement without relying on a line of sight, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted capture process.
  • Versatility: Xsens mocap allows for recording data in any environment, free from limitations caused by lighting or magnetic interference. This flexibility was crucial for capturing the wrestling action, which can occur in various settings, not just a controlled studio.
  • Exceptional Accuracy and Detail: Xsens delivers exceptionally high-quality data, even during complex maneuvers and intricate grappling sequences. This level of detail allowed the animation team to accurately translate the nuances of wrestling movements, resulting in incredibly lifelike in-game characters.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The minimal cleanup required in post-production with Xsens data was a significant advantage. The accuracy and completeness of the captured data saved the animators and game developers valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on refining the animations and breathing life into the virtual wrestlers.

The motion capture and animation pipeline involved the use of two Xsens Link mocap suits, StretchSense gloves for finger tracking, HTC VIVE base stations, and three video cameras, all integrated into Xsens Animate Pro. Each recorded take undergoes HD reprocessing and is automatically matched with the video reference, minimizing the need for software adjustments due to the positional aid provided by the IR stations.

TekFall Supreme: A Deep Dive

TekFall Supreme promises an unprecedented wrestling experience, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver unparalleled realism. Here's a glimpse into what awaits players:

  • MetaMotion AI: This proprietary system simulates realistic wrestling movements, ensuring matches feel organic and unpredictable.
  • Blockchain Integration: Players can collect digital assets (DAPS) that unlock real-world collectibles and unique in-game experiences.
  • Photogrammetry: The developers used photogrammetry to create incredibly lifelike visuals for wrestlers and environments.

Key Features of the Game

  • Become a champion: Compete online, honing your skills to become the national wrestling champion.
  • Team up: Form teams with friends and challenge other groups for dominance.
  • Character customization: Express yourself by creating your own avatar called a Digital Double that allows you to customize your appearance and move set.
  • Digital collectibles: Collect DAPS to unlock exclusive in-game items and real-world rewards.

With regard to gameplay mechanics, TekFall Supreme introduces an entirely new combat system featuring 8-way movement, ensuring constant body engagement and replicating the dynamics of an actual wrestling match. This system, coupled with straightforward wrestling logic, offers players an in-depth gameplay experience that is simple to play yet difficult to master, striking a balance between button mashing and strategic decision-making.

The authenticity of TekFall Supreme is further enhanced by collaboration with top wrestlers in the country, ensuring unparalleled realism and depth in the game's motions.

TekFall Supreme is slated for release in Winter 2024 and has already garnered significant interest, further fueled by a strategic partnership with Sony PlayStation. With its commitment to realism and the power of Xsens technology, TekFall Supreme promises a truly immersive wrestling experience, allowing players to step on the mat and live the champion's dream. To find out more about the game, visit the website. 

TekFall Supreme Gameplay

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