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Fitness now fits into a whole new category – technology

The capture and analysis of human motion has become an essential part of the fitness movement. Unfortunately, this data, which provides insights and direction to achieving peak athletic performance, has only been available to elite athletes and teams. Until now.

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The technology is here, and so is a high and increasing demand for personalized solutions. One size does not fit all. What’s more, the demand is not just for data, but getting that data in real time to help enhance performance and prevent injuries in the moment.

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Movella leads the way in digitizing movement and providing actionable insights, with a range of solutions in ready-to-use motion capture systems. Consider Xsens DOT, a state-of-the-art development platform for analysis and reporting of human kinematics. The platform features high-accuracy wearable inertial sensors, an easy-to-integrate SDK and community support from Xsens experts.

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How AKLOS Health aims to revolutionize physiotherapy

AKLOS Health is a game-changing app for the physical health of individuals everywhere. Users can access personalized data from the comfort of home and without the need for lofty physio fees. Sound too good to be true? Not with Xsens DOT wearable sensor platform. 

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iKinesis uses Xsens technology to help runners prevent injuries in real time

iKinesis is a wearable tool that allows the runner to gain an insight into their running technique so that they can have healthier and safer runs. It is built with the Xsens DOT wearable platform and tracks movements with the highest level of accuracy.

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