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Escalating e-commerce

Businesses are always on the lookout for new methods to meet the ever-growing demands of e-commerce. One way to drive efficiency is to employ outdoor mobile robots to deliver packages right to the destination.


The agricultural industry is also turning to robots for help, for example, speed up the processes of crop inspection, spraying, and weeding.


Navigating the challenges

To meet the challenges of working outdoors, delivery robots must be able to autonomously navigate their environment. For example, they must negotiate roads and avoid sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bike paths, and any other obstacle in their way. All the while, they need to find the most efficient route to their destination.  


Agricultural robots must be able to cross uneven and bumpy fields and avoid trees and bushes – all without damaging valuable crops.

Outdoor mobile robots

How our technology can help


Our RTK GNSS/INS products tell your robot or autonomous vehicle exactly where it is – essential when navigating sidewalks, roads, or bushes. Additionally, the on-baord sensor fusion algorithms can estimate the appropriate orientation and position to make corrections to keep the robot on track.


Think about what happens when a vehicle hits a speed bump – the camera and lidar point upwards, detecting no obstacles. But this doesn’t mean that there are no obstacles nearby. For the robot, knowing that it’s looking to the sky is invaluable. Knowing in which direction it’s facing is also essential for planning its trajectory.


Innok Robotics pioneers sensor fusion AGV location in complex outdoor terrains

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