28th May 2019

The long jump will get a whole new dimension at the upcoming FBK Games in Hengelo June 9th. The use of innovative technology will make the long jump even more exciting. As a sponsor of the FBK Games, Xsens will participate in a new innovative project to get live data analysis on the big screen to inform and entertain the audience.

3D animations and live data analyzes
During the FBK Games, former world champion indoor Ignisious Gaisah, will participate in an Xsens motion capture suit, which provides a new dimension in the long jump: it offers athletes and trainers insight into their performance and will bring the long jump closer to the audience. The sensor-equipped Xsens suit can be used to analyze movements of the athlete, such as posture, air time, body segment angle or center of mass right after the jump. The resulting 3D animations and collected data will be streamed to the big screen in the stadium during the FBK Games and verbally explained by an analyst. This way it is possible to teach and entertain the audience about the specifics of the long jump and it becomes even more fun.

Ignisious Gaisah back in the long jump spikes
Dutch record holder long jump (8.29 meters) and former world champion indoor Ignisious Gaisah will once again put on his long jump spikes during the FBK Games. Last year he jumped to 7.93 meters, just not enough to participate in the European championships in Berlin. Since then he has focused more on being a trainer. For the FBK Games, he makes an exception and he will not only puts on his long jump spikes but will also perform his jumps in the Xsens motion capture suit full of sensors.

Gaisah: "I'm looking forward to getting back on track and doing what I love the most: long jump!"

Innovative games
Ellen van Langen, Director FBK games: “As a testing ground for athletics and innovative games, we continue to innovate. Last year we introduced the wavelight to the FBK Games, this year we take the audience to yet another technology, now used in the long jump. The live analysis of the long jump will be interesting for the spectators but also offer athletes and trainers more insights into their performance.”

Hans Kloosterman, Meeting Director FBK Games, is looking forward to the long jump:

“FBK Games is the most innovative athletics event in the world. We try new things and show the public how new formats and technologies also play an increasingly important role in athletics. With Xsens we have found a great partner in this; a wonderful company from Twente that operates worldwide.”

FBK Games
The FBK Games is an annual track and field event at the Fanny Blankers-Koen Stadion in Hengelo, Netherlands. The FBK Games are part of the IAAF World Challenge.
Ticket sales for the 38th edition of the FBK Games have now started. You can find all information on www.fbkgames.nl.

Moderne versie verspringen tijdens FBK Games Hengelo (Dutch)


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