16th May 2023

On March 2, 2023, Movella did the opening bell-ringing ceremony at the Nasdaq Stock Market. To emphasize the innovative capabilities of the company, we did something that was never done before; we recorded the body motions of our CEO Ben Lee during the bell-ringing ceremony.

Earlier that day, prior to the opening bell, Ben Lee suited up in the hotel near Time Square in New York. The recording will take place in the Nasdaq studio, surrounded by many cameras and other equipment. To make sure the Xsens motion capture system does not interfere with any other data, we choose the Xsens Link suit with the On Body recording (OBR) function. With OBR you can record the data without a laptop, the data gets stored on the bodypack attached to the suit. Similar to a GoPro camera, you just hit record and the suit starts recording. Once you stopped the recording, you can download the data from the bodypack at a later time.

Ben did one calibration in the hotel, after which we started our walk towards Nasdaq, this 10-minute walk we also recorded. The ceremony started with a short coffee in the lobby and at 9 AM we all joined in the Nasdaq studio for the actual bell-ringing. During the ceremony, the bodypack kept recording Ben’s movements and we ended up recording over 2 hours of data.

In the week after the ceremony, our creative department worked with the motion capture data recorded in OBR-mode. It was loaded into Unreal Engine and applied to multiple digital characters in the final video celebrating the event.

We are proud to be the first to fully motion capture this ceremony, this was a huge milestone for Movella and having this digitally recorded shows our capabilities perfectly.

You can watch a recap of the bell-ringing ceremony here, featuring the recorded data to drive the characters:



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