Customer case
Customer case

9th April 2013

Ruben Olvera, Production Coordinator at Kaxan Studios, talks about the use of Xsens motion capture across a variety of Kaxan Media Group animation projects.

Founded in 2010 Kaxan Media Group is quickly becoming one of Latin Americas most innovative Interactive Media companies. The Kaxan Studios Animation division is focused on animated feature films, TV series and award-winning shorts. The Kaxan Games division develops AAA, mobile, casual and social network enabled games with proven international appeal. With a team of creative, inspired individuals and state of the art technology, Kaxan is positioned to deliver world class content with a distinctive cultural perspective.

Watch behind the scenes footage at the Kaxan animation studio:

“Kaxan first introduced Xsens MVN Motion capture solutions when the animation workload and growing demand for Previs began to outpace the companies resources. Though initially brought in as a way to increase efficiency, we quickly realized the creative benefi ts of being able to generate animation with the same real-time feedback we get with live action shots.”

For Kaxan, the MoCap experience with the Xsens MVN motion capture technology has turned out to be an eyeopening experience about the benefi ts and capabilities of inertial motion capture technology.

“This on-set feedback allowed us to incorporate immediate input on the action and acting enabling a level of real-time creativity not possible with traditional keyframing”

As Kaxan looks to the continued growth of it’s business, it counts the Xsens MVN inertial motion capture system as an essential tool to in producing more creative content more effi ciently for audiences around the world.

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