17th June 2019

Boston Dynamics, the engineering and robotics firm, is well known for impressing (and scaring!) the world with its videos which demonstrate the agility and intelligence of the robots they create. As part of the development process to constantly improve their prototypes, the scientists at Boston Dynamics often stress test their robots' balance by kicking or even pushing them with a hockey stick.

2019 June the internet was fooled into thinking that the robots were finally ready to fight back! The viral video, which captures the robot lashing out at its human counterparts and eventually holding them at gunpoint, has been shared millions of times on social media.

But this isn’t quite the terrifying glimpse into the future it might seem – our friends at Corridor Crew have been having a lot of fun parodying the robots under the playful guise of 'Bosstown Dynamics'.

Take a look at the video below:

Using MVN Animate, green screen and some impressive CGI, the team managed to fool millions of people!

You can find out exactly how the team created their Boston Dynamics spoof here:

This isn’t the first time the Corridor Crew has been playing around with our suit. Back in April, the team posted a video of them experimenting by turning themselves into Transformers – a dream come true for one member of the team!

Corridor Crew also released this side by side video:

Their combination of creative flair, daring production values and experimenting with innovative tech is taking the internet by storm, we can’t wait to see what Corridor Crew get up to next.


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