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11th June 2015

"The Inheritance" will be performed at the Real-Time Live section at SIGGRAPH 2015.

The Inheritance is an art project by Hsin-Chien Huang about the Taiwanese inheritance. It is a combination of many visual elements like Story, Dance, 3D Printing, Real-time Motion Capture (Xsens MVN), Stereographic Projection, 3D Interactive Image, Historical Architecture into an intense performing.

For this 'new media art' project Hsin-Chien wanted to use new media to explore the past and find new ways to document private memories with new and meaningful technologies. He believes the future can only be changed if we could invent fresh and sincere ways to understand our past. Hsin-Chien transforms his private memory into a surreal dance performance.

The former generation has fought the sharp and rigid system. That is the greatest legacy of that generation. But those spiritual legacies are not recorded in the official history. Hsin-Chien wants to explore and experience that historical journey and pay tribute to that era. A slow and private process using his own body to slowly caress history. Using the motion capture and 3D printing, he transforms the trails of his hands in space into tangible sculptures.

The real-time performing project “The Inheritance” uses motion capture and 3D printing technologies. It was sponsored by the Crossover Fund between Digital and Visual Art from National Taiwan Fine Art Museum. It is produced by Ms. You-Chiou Chen of White Egret Foundation. The Choreography Adviser is Le Gend Lin of Legend Lin Dance Theatre, and the director is Hsin-Chien Huang of Storynest. It was presented in the Chiang Kai-shek Auditorium of the old Taiwan Air Force headquarter in Taipei.


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