14th September 2020

We're always looking to see what we can do to improve your development journey with the Xsens DOT and lately, we've been quite busy. We thought it's about time that we update you on the new features that can really help you to make the most of the platform and build you application fast. 



The synchronization feature means no additional processing as all sensors are synchronized to a common time base.

This is achieved by setting one of the sensors as a root node and all the others as scanners. The scanners’ timestamp is then adjusted with respect to the root. This will require a synchronization time before the start of measurement for about 10s.

This procedure will result in the SampleTimeFine to be similar across all sensors for each data point (minus some error). In terms of accuracy, Xsens synchronization algorithm will guarantee 1ppm (part per million) error after 30 minutes (equals to 1.8ms) and approximately 3ppm after 60 minutes (10ms). This is ideal for all cases where multiple sensors need to be connected at the same time.


Recording mode

The Recording mode has been a popular request from many people. This feature enables developing applications for environments where connecting sensors cannot be possible all the time (like swimming). So now you can record and store data in the sensor internal data storage. The feature is accessible in the Xsens DOT App and Xsens DOT SDK.

The maximum recording time is about 88 minutes and data export is available in the Xsens DOT App via Bluetooth (export time will be about the twice of the recording time) or USB cable (export time approximately 1/8 of the recording). Additionally, it is possible to set a timer in order to stop the recording after a set duration. If you plan to use the Recording mode, you might want to check out all the  details in the Xsens DOT app guide.


Xsens DOT App for iOS update

Good news for iOS lovers! The iOS version of Xsens DOT App now supports all features present in the Android counterpart. It means all measurements modes, heading resets and firmware crash log are available in the iOS app.


Heading Reset optimization

Heading orientation for the sensors in your system are fully aligned and the Heading reset function is now optimized for simpler use in Xsens DOT App.


Customizable Power Save Time

Power save mode timeout can be adjusted through Xsens DOT App for both advertisement and measurement mode. Check out your app guides


Xsens DOT Server

This is another feature that was requested a lot. Xsens DOT server is a simple web server that enables the Xsens DOT integration independently of the operating system. You can use the server to scan, connect and start measurements with Xsens DOT on Windows, macOS and Rasberry Pi.

The open-source code is on GitHub. You can download, modify and further develop on this code base: Xsens DOT Server


Xsens DOT Data Exporter

We've also launched Xsens DOT Data Exporter. It’s an optional app for exporting the recording files quickly and easily to PC or Mac. It just works faster than to do it over Bluetooth. You can download it from here


To find out more, read the full release notes:

Xsens DOT Release Notes


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