Customer case
Customer case

23rd April 2020

Based in Pakistan, 3rd World Studios prides itself on employing out-of-the-box, technical solutions to create stunning CG content, fast. The studio was approached by the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Co-ordination, a department of the Pakistani government, to produce an animated COVID-19 public announcement with a very short time frame for completion. With a brand new pipeline already in place for their upcoming – currently unnamed – feature film, the studio was equipped and ready to get animating.

Watch the making of this short:

The new pipeline is based around Reallusion iClone, a fast, real-time 3D animation software. For the project, the team then employed Xsens MVN Animate for body motion tracking, providing their animators with the ability to wirelessly create real-time animations inside Reallusion iClone. This was combined with Xsens Gloves by Manus hand tracking gloves which seamlessly integrated with the Xsens software. Lastly, the studio utilized the iClone Unreal Live Link to see the final lighting and rendered animation instantly in the Unreal Engine.

You can watch the full behind-the-scenes video below:



This project utilized the Xsens MVN Animate motion capture solution. MVN Animate is Xsens' proprietary software application to record and view motion capture data for Xsens MVN motion capture. By requesting a trial you can try out this software yourself.

During the trial period you will have a fully functional version of the software, including pre-recorded data.

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