28th May 2018

The Corridor Crew won't let staying out of the studio stop them from creating! Their latest installment "How I Made a Movie WITHOUT Actors, Sets, or Cameras" is a fun look at virtual production.

In this video, Sam guides us through his process of what it took to make their 'Video Gamers React to Bad & Good' video, and how he made this entirely virtual production using an Xsens suit, a Leica scan for the environment, and Unreal Engine to pull it all together.

The video is a parody of their existing series "VFX Artists React" featuring 3 virtual characters. Sam uses Unreal Engine with iPhone apps for Virtual Camera and Facial Capture apps (also by Epic Games) and captures character body animation with Xsens MVN Animate.

On using the Xsens suit for body motion capture, Sam comments "This allows me to translate my physical body movements into the games engine and capture a performance - I don't need to animate a single thing!"

Check out the finished video here:


View the making of video here:


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