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When it comes to outdoor (and indoor) autonomous vehicles, it’s essential to know precisely where the vehicle is located at all times – even in challenging or GNSS-denied environments. For these applications, we’ve introduced the Xsens Vision Navigator.


Asset 13_1x Visual-inertial odometry

Using dual RTK GNSS, an internal IMU and a camera, and visual-inertial odometry technology, the Xsens Vision Navigator provides accurate real-time navigation data, whether you’re in a forest, an urban environment, a warehouse, a tunnel or even underground.


Asset 15_1x Position drift over distance

With the Vision Navigator, position drift is distance-dependent as opposed to time-dependent – as commonly found in more traditional GNSS/INS devices. Because of this, the Vision Navigator is able to cope with continuous GNSS disturbances or long-lasting GNSS outages.

Xsens Vision Navigator


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Sensor fusion performance* *Initialization of the sensor fusion algorithm requires GNSS reception and RTK corrections.
Roll, pitch <0.4 deg
Yaw/heading 0.4 deg (1 m antenna baseline)
Position with RTK 1 cm + 1 ppm
Position during GNSS outage 0.75% of distance travelled
Velocity 0.1 m/s
Sensing components
Standard full range 2000 deg/s
Noise density 0.003 deg/s/√Hz
Standard full range 16 g
Noise density 65 µg/√Hz
Magnetometer Onboard
Barometer Onboard
GNSS receiver
Brand u-blox
Model ZED-F9P (2x, internal)
RTK correction input RTCM 3.3
RTCM input port Ethernet, Wi-Fi or serial
System specifications
IP-rating (equivalent) IP67
Dimensions 129 × 113.6 × 30 mm
Weight 420 g
Input voltage 4.5 to 36 V
Power consumption (typ.) 7.5 W
Interfaces / IO CAN
Interfaces UART, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB-C
Protocols ASCII, NMEA and ROS
Output frequency: Up to 100 Hz



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